Castor Oil Pack For Liver With Organic Castor Oil Included


– The organic castor oil pack kit is made of soft organic cotton flannel for comfort and polypropylene for durability.

– It uses a triple layered design to effectively apply castor oil to the liver area.

– Organic materials are chosen to avoid exposure to chemicals that could impact health.

– Application involves wearing the pack for 1 hour daily or overnight, applying organic castor oil to the inner layer.



Introducing the QUEEN OF THE THRONES Castor Oil Pack for Liver Kit – the perfect solution for those looking to improve their liver health in a safe and natural way. This castor oil pack is designed with your comfort and convenience in mind, making it the ultimate must-have for your wellness routine.

So what exactly is this Castor Oil Pack made of? The inner layer is crafted from soft organic cotton flannel, providing a gentle and cozy surface for your skin. The outer layer is made of a special polypropylene that is heat-bonded, offering a cleaner alternative to chemical-bonding. And in the middle, you’ll find another layer of organic cotton flannel, creating a triple-layered design that ensures maximum effectiveness.

But why choose organic materials? Because we understand that everything that touches your skin can have an impact on your overall health. That’s why we’ve carefully chosen materials free from chemicals, bleach, or artificial colors. We want you to have the best experience possible when using our product, without any worry of exposure to harmful substances.

So how do you use the organic castor oil pack? It’s simple – wear it for 1 hour daily or, for best results, overnight. Just apply 1-2 tablespoons of organic, extra virgin, expeller-pressed, and hexane-free castor oil (in an amber glass bottle) onto the pack. It’s important to note that using non-organic or plastic-bottled castor oil can expose you to hormone-disrupting chemicals, so always opt for organic and glass-bottled options.

Worried about the fit? Don’t be. Our Castor Oil Pack is designed to comfortably fit over the typical size of an adult liver. And thanks to its four 30-inch stretchy nylon straps, you can easily wrap and secure the pack in place while running errands or getting some shuteye. Yes, you read that right – this pack is so comfortable, you can even sleep in it!

We recommend replacing the pack after approximately 30 uses or every 2 months. But remember, this pack is not suitable for use during pregnancy, so please consult with your doctor before adding it to your routine. Choose QUEEN OF THE THRONES for a safe, effective, and comfortable way to improve your liver health. Order now and experience the benefits of our Castor Oil Pack for yourself!

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Castor Oil Pack For Liver With Organic Castor Oil Included