Dopxxbb Organic Castor Oil Pack Wrap For Liver Detox


– Introducing the DOPXXBB Organic Castor Oil Pack Wrap – a premium, comfortable, and functional solution for detox and pain relief needs.

– Made with water and oil resistant fabric to prevent leakage of 100% organic, cold pressed castor oil that is carefully crafted from black castor seeds for maximum benefits.

– Safe for all skin types with no additives or harsh chemicals, packaged in an amber glass bottle for added protection against light.

– Comes with an adjustable elastic strap for a customizable and stable fit, targeting specific areas like the abdomen, waist, back, or shoulders.

– Features a convenient pocket on the outside for storing an ice/heat pad or small items while using the pack.



Introducing the DOPXXBB Castor Oil Pack Wrap – the ultimate solution for all your detox and pain relief needs! Made with premium materials, our castor oil pack is the perfect combination of comfort and functionality. The outer layer is crafted from water and oil resistant fabric, ensuring zero leakage of our 100% organic and cold pressed castor oil. The inner layer is made from soft flannel fabric, which not only provides a gentle touch on your skin but also helps the oil penetrate deeply for maximum benefits.

Speaking of benefits, our organic castor oil is made from organic black castor seeds, carefully cold pressed to retain all its nourishing properties. It is free from any additives or irritating chemicals, making it safe for all skin types. Packaged in an amber light resistant glass bottle, our pure castor oil is perfect for liver waste release, lymphatic drainage, and colon cleaning.

But that’s not all – our castor oil pack comes with an adjustable and elastic strap that can be tailored to fit your specific size and needs. Say goodbye to uncomfortable and ill-fitting wraps, and hello to a customizable and stable fit. The elastic shoulder strap and soft lining ensure maximum comfort while targeting specific areas such as the abdomen, waist, back, or shoulders.

We understand the importance of convenience, which is why our castor oil compress comes with a special pocket on the outside. Use this pocket to store an ice/heat pad storage bag for an added boost in oil absorption or to provide relief from muscle and joint pain. You can even use it to store your phone or other small items while you relax and let the castor oil work its magic.

With the DOPXXBB Castor Oil Pack Wrap, you can say goodbye to traditional messy and uncomfortable castor oil packs. Our reusable and machine-washable pack is not only easy to use and maintain, but it also ensures maximum absorption of the oil for optimal results. Say hello to a healthier and happier you with our premium castor oil pack. Order yours today!

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Dopxxbb Organic Castor Oil Pack Wrap For Liver Detox