The best covered cat beds

Is your feline friend’s comfort a top priority? are you on the hunt for the perfect covered cat bed to provide your kitty with a cozy, secure, and warm place to rest? look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the best covered cat beds of this year, and help you make an informed decision that suits your cats preferences and needs. Let’s embark on this journey to find your cats ultimate haven.

Short summary

  • Observe your cats sleeping habits and consider size and material when selecting a covered cat bed.
  • Invest in scratch resistant materials, built in toys/activities, and convertible designs to meet pet needs and preferences.
  • Clean regularly with pet safe products to maintain cleanliness and comfort for cats.
best covered cat beds

Choosing the perfect covered cat bed

To ensure your cat, or even kittens, get the rest they deserve, it’s essential to consider various factors when selecting the perfect covered cat bed. After all, our feline friends spend a significant portion of their lives sleeping, and their well being depends on having a comfortable and secure place to rest.

In this section, we will discuss the importance of observing your cats sleeping habits and considering size and material when choosing a cat bed.

Observing your cats sleeping habits

Understanding your cats sleeping habits is crucial in finding the best cat bed that caters to their needs. Did you know that cats sleep between 12 and 18 hours a day? although they follow a natural sleep-wake cycle, cats are known for their polyphasic sleep patterns, meaning they sleep in multiple short periods throughout the day and night. By paying close attention to your cats sleeping preferences, you can find a bed that your cat will surely love.

Some cats may exhibit unique sleeping habits, such as snoring or paw spasms during deep sleep. Changes in your cats sleeping patterns, such as sleeping more or less than usual, may indicate health concerns. Knowing your cats sleep preferences will help you choose a bed that provides the comfort and support they need.

Sizing and material considerations

When selecting a covered cat bed, size and material matter. It’s vital to choose a bed that matches your cats size to ensure their comfort and support. To determine the appropriate size, measure your cats length from their head to the base of their tail and add a few inches for extra space. Additionally, consider the location where the bed will be placed to ensure it fits comfortably in the designated area.

Material choice is also crucial, as some cats may prefer soft, warm fabrics, while others may enjoy a more sturdy and scratch resistant surface. By taking the time to assess your cats preferences, you’ll be one step closer to finding the perfect covered cat bed.

best covered cat beds

Top 5 covered cat beds for this year

Now that we’ve discussed the factors to consider when choosing a covered cat bed, let’s dive into the top 5 covered cat beds for this year. These beds were carefully selected based on expert opinions, user reviews, and their ability to accommodate the behavioral needs of most cats.

Without further ado, let’s explore these fantastic options to help you find the perfect covered cat bed for your beloved feline!

Armarkat cave cat bed

The armarkat cave cat bed is a cozy and comfortable option designed to provide your feline companion with a safe and secure place to rest. This bed features a rectangular base and a dome shaped top, offering a snug and inviting space for your cat to curl up and relax. The removable pillow is filled with an extra thick layer of 100% polyfill, ensuring ultimate comfort for your cat.

Constructed from finely crafted handwoven rattan wicker, the armarkat cave cat bed is not only visually appealing but also incredibly durable and scratch resistant. The removable pillow is machine washable, making cleaning a breeze.

With its stylish design and undeniable warmth, the armarkat cave cat bed is a fantastic choice for cat owners seeking the perfect resting spot for their feline friend, especially when their cat prefers a cozy and comfortable bed from a store.

Meowfia premium cat cave

For cat owners seeking a unique and luxurious option, the meowfia premium cat cave is an excellent choice. Made of 100% merino wool, this covered cat bed is crafted using a traditional wet-felting technique, resulting in an ultra durable and claw resistant surface. The thick felted wool provides a comfortable and cozy environment for your cat, making it a bed they will surely enjoy.

AmazonBasics octagon pet bed with hood

The AmazonBasics octagon pet bed with hood is a versatile and affordable option for cat owners on a budget. Despite its modest price, this bed offers comfort and support, ensuring that your cat gets a good night’s sleep. Designed with a hood, this pet bed provides your cat with a sense of security and privacy, making it an attractive option for felines who prefer a more enclosed sleeping space.

However, it is essential to note that this bed retains too much water after washing and should only be air-dried. While this may be an inconvenience for some owners, the AmazonBasics octagon pet bed with hood remains a popular choice for its affordability and comfort, making it one of the best cat beds available.

Aspen pet self warming bed with hood

The aspen pet self warming bed with hood is another excellent option for cat owners seeking a bed that keeps their feline friend warm and cozy. This bed features a self warming inner layer that reflects your cats body heat, providing additional warmth without the need for electricity. The hood offers extra privacy and comfort, while the plush cushion ensures a soft and inviting resting place.

K&H pet products self-warming lounge sleeper with hood

best covered cat beds

The K&H pet products self warming lounge sleeper with hood is a well loved option among cat owners for its self warming technology. This plush bed features an insulated design with metalized insulation, ensuring that your cat stays warm and cozy throughout the night. The detachable hood allows for versatility, giving your cat the option of an enclosed or open sleeping space.

best covered cat beds

Multicat households: choosing a covered cat bed for multiple cats

For multicat households, choosing the perfect covered cat bed may require additional considerations. Factors such as the size of the bed, the materials it’s made from, and the number of cats that will be using it are important to take into account.

In this section, we will discuss the pros and cons of sharing versus individual beds, helping you make the best decision for your multicat household.

Sharing vs. individual beds

Shared beds can offer a sense of security and companionship for cats, promoting bonding between feline housemates. In cold weather, the warmth provided by shared beds can be an added benefit. However, shared beds may also lead to territorial disputes between cats and may not be suitable for cats with different sleeping habits.

On the other hand, individual beds can provide cats with their own personal space, giving them a sense of security and comfort. This can be particularly beneficial in households with cats who have varying sleeping preferences or those that simply prefer their own space. Although individual beds may be more expensive than shared beds, they can be a worthwhile investment for maintaining peace and harmony within multicat households.

best covered cat beds

Additional features to look for in covered cat beds

When searching for the best cat beds, it’s essential to consider additional features that can enhance your pet’s overall experience. These features may include scratch resistant materials, built in toys and activities, and convertible designs.

In this section, we will delve into each of these features, providing valuable insights to help you choose a covered cat bed that caters to your cats unique needs and preferences.

best covered cat beds

Scratch resistant materials

Investing in a covered cat bed made from scratch resistant materials can prolong the lifespan of the bed and maintain its appearance for an extended period. Some common scratch resistant materials include polyester, nylon, and acrylic. These materials are engineered to withstand scratches and other forms of wear and tear, ensuring that your cats bed remains in excellent condition for as long as possible.

best covered cat beds

Built in toys and activities

Covered cat beds with built in toys and activities can provide mental stimulation and entertainment for your feline companion, making them a fun addition to their space. These features can encourage physical activity, reduce stress and anxiety, and prevent boredom and destructive behavior. Examples of built-in toys and activities include dangling toys, scratching posts, and hideaways.

When selecting a covered cat bed with built in toys and activities, consider the size, material, and number of cats that will be using the bed. Beds with durable, scratch resistant materials and adjustable designs that cater to your cats preferences will be the most beneficial. By adding toys and activities to your cats sleeping environment, you’ll be providing them with an engaging and enjoyable resting place.

Convertible designs

A selection of cleaning and maintenance tips, perfect for cats who need a clean and comfortable bed

Convertible designs in covered cat beds offer versatility, space saving capabilities, and enhanced comfort for your feline friend. These beds can be transformed into different shapes and sizes, accommodating your cats changing preferences and needs. Convertible designs also make cleaning and maintenance more manageable, as they can often be disassembled and reassembled with ease.

Caring for your covered cat bed

Proper care and maintenance of your covered cat bed are crucial for keeping your cat happy and healthy. Regular cleaning can prevent the buildup of dirt, dust, and allergens, while addressing odors and stains can help maintain the aesthetic appeal and scent of your cats bed.

In this section of our page, we will discuss the importance of regular cleaning and maintenance, as well as tips for dealing with odors and stains in various styles.

Regular cleaning and maintenance

To ensure the longevity and cleanliness of your covered cat bed, it’s essential to establish a regular cleaning routine. Vacuuming the bed frequently helps remove dirt, dust, and allergens, while spot cleaning any messes with a mild detergent can tackle stains. It’s also important to follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions and ensure the bed is completely air dried before allowing your cat to use it again.

In addition to vacuuming and spot cleaning, dusting and sun drying the bed regularly can also help maintain its freshness and cleanliness. By taking the time to care for your cats bed, you’ll be providing them with a comfortable and hygienic environment in which to sleep and relax.

Dealing with odors and stains

If your covered cat bed has developed odors and stains, it’s important to address them promptly to maintain the bed’s appearance and scent. Using a pet safe stain remover can help eliminate stains, while a pet safe deodorizer or fabric refresher can assist in removing any lingering odors.

By proactively addressing odors and stains, you’ll be ensuring that your cats bed remains a clean, comfortable, and inviting place for them to rest.


In conclusion, finding the perfect covered cat bed for your feline companion is a crucial task that requires careful consideration of your cats sleeping habits, preferences, and needs. By exploring our top picks for this year, taking into account additional features, and understanding proper care and maintenance, you can make an informed decision that will result in a happy and contented cat. Your furry friend deserves the best, so why not invest in a covered cat bed that caters to their unique preferences and provides them with a cozy, secure, and warm place to rest?

Frequently asked questions

Why do cats like covered beds?

Cats prefer covered beds due to the safety, warmth and privacy they provide, enabling them to relax into a deep sleep without fear of attack.

Covered beds provide cats with a sense of security, allowing them to rest peacefully without worrying about potential predators. They also provide warmth and privacy, which can help cats feel more comfortable and secure.

What factors should I consider when choosing a covered cat bed for my feline friend?

When choosing a cat bed for your feline friend, make sure to consider their sleeping habits, size, material preferences, and any additional features such as scratch resistant, built in toys, or convertible designs.

These features can help make sure your cat is comfortable and safe while they sleep. Look for beds that are made of durable materials that can withstand your cats claws and provide a comfortable surface for them to rest on. Consider beds with removable covers for easy cleaning and beds with built in toys or scratching posts.

How often should I clean my covered cat bed?

Frequent vacuuming and spot cleaning of your covered cat bed, as well as regular dusting and sun drying, is essential for maintaining its freshness and cleanliness.