The 10 best cooling bed sheets this year

Are you tired of tossing and turning all night due to overheating? worry no more. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the top 10 cooling bed sheets of this year, tested and reviewed, to help you find the perfect solution for a cool and comfortable night’s sleep. Say goodbye to night sweats and hello to a refreshed morning!

Short summary

  • Our top 10 picks for cooling sheets feature options made from bamboo, linen, cotton and tencel designed with breathability and temperature regulation in mind.
  • Consider material selection, weave types and pocket depth when buying cooling sheets to ensure satisfaction.
  • Regularly wash/change your high quality sheets according to care instructions for optimal performance and comfort.
best cooling bed sheets

Top 10 cooling sheets for hot sleepers

Through rigorous testing and evaluation, we’ve curated a list of the best cooling sheets that will revolutionize the way you sleep. Our recommendations include options made from bamboo, linen, cotton, and tencel. These most cooling sheets are designed with breathability, moisture wicking properties, and temperature regulation in mind to ensure a hot sleeper can finally have a peaceful, undisturbed night’s rest. So let’s dive into the top 10 best cooling sheets for hot sleepers!

Our top picks for the best cooling bed sheets for hot sleepers are:

  • Luxome luxury sheet set.
  • Bedsure cooling sheets.
  • Olive and Crate sheet set.
  • Tencel fiber Sheet Set.
  • Columbia cooling sheets.
  • Arctic cooling sheet set.
  • Hush iced cooling sheet set.
  • Comfort spaces sheet set.
  • Sheex arctic aire max sheet set.
  • Slumber Cloud sheet set.

Let’s explore each type of cooling sheets in detail.

Cooling bamboo sheets

best cooling bed sheets

Bamboo cooling sateen sheets are a game changer for hot sleepers. Although made from a synthetic fiber called rayon derived from bamboo wood pulp, they possess excellent breathability and moisture wicking properties. Ettitude’s bamboo signature sateen cooling sheets, for instance, offers a breathable weave and high breathability that can accommodate twists and turns throughout the night. Sheets and Giggles bamboo sheets are another great option, providing breathability, moisture wicking properties, and cost effectiveness.

The Company Store cotton bamboo sateen sheet set combines the durability and moisture wicking properties of bamboo with the airiness and softness of cotton. Quince bamboo cotton sateen sheet set is composed of 100% viscose from bamboo, offering a silky smooth feel and comfortable sleeping surface. For those who prefer the luxurious feel of natural fibers, Egyptian cotton sheets are also a popular choice among various sheet sets available in the market.

Linen cooling sheets

Linen bed sheets are another excellent choice for hot sleepers. With their loose weave, they promote airflow and temperature regulation, making them an ideal option for those who experience night sweats. Linen sheets tend to feature a percale weave that uses thicker fibers for enhanced breathability, making them a popular choice for those seeking a cooler sleep experience.

Cooling cotton sheets

Cotton sheets are a classic choice that combines cooling effects and cost effectiveness, making them the best budget cooling sheets around. Their breathability and simple maintenance make them an attractive option for hot sleepers. The percale weave, commonly found in many cooling sheets and cotton sheets, offers a crisp feel and enhanced breathability, making it perfect for those who tend to sleep hot.

The Brooklinen luxe core sheet set, made of 100% long staple cotton, provides a comfortable and cool sleep surface. For a different option, consider the Lands End premium supima cotton percale sheet set and coolest sheets set, which has a high quality. The best percale cotton sheets and cooling sheets construction with a thread count of 300 provides ample airflow and a comfortable, non papery texture.

best cooling bed sheets

Tencel cooling sheets

Tencel sheets offer a unique set of advantages over traditional sheets, including eco friendliness, antibacterial properties, and exceptional softness. Derived from wood pulp, tencel provides excellent cooling capabilities and is an ideal choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

Factors to consider when buying cooling sheets

best cooling bed sheets

Selecting the perfect cooling sheets may seem daunting, but fret not. We have compiled a list of factors to consider when making your decision, including material, weave, pocket depth, and return policies. By taking these factors into account, you can ensure that your new cooling sheets will provide maximum comfort, durability, and temperature regulation for a peaceful night’s sleep.

It’s crucial to choose the right material, such as bamboo, linen, cotton, or tencel, and the most suitable weave type, like percale, a sateen weave, or twill, to optimize the cooling effect. Also, be sure to select the correct pocket depth for your mattress and consider return policies and trial periods offered by various brands.

Material selection

Selecting the right material is crucial for optimizing the cooling effect of your sheets. Some popular materials include cotton percale sheets, linen, bamboo, and tencel. Each material offers distinct advantages in terms of breathability, moisture wicking, and temperature regulation, so it’s essential to choose one that best suits your needs and preferences.

Weave types

The type of weave can significantly impact the breathability and moisture wicking properties of your best percale cooling sheets and best sateen weave cooling sheets. Percale, sateen, and twill are some common weave options to consider. Percale is a popular choice for cooling sheets, as it offers a crisp feel and enhanced breathability due to its thicker fibers.

Understanding your preferences and choosing the right weave can make all the difference in your sleep experience.

Pocket depth

Choosing the correct pocket depth for your fitted sheet is essential to ensure a perfect fit. Pocket depths typically range from one square inch to 14 to 18 inches. To determine if a sheet set is suitable for your mattress, subtract two inches from the pocket depth. This will help you find the right fitted sheet for your mattress and avoid any issues with fit and comfort.

best cooling bed sheets

Return policies and trial periods

When purchasing cooling sheets, it’s essential to consider return policies and trial periods offered by various brands. These policies typically range from 30 to 100 days. For example, Casper offers a 30 day, risk free trial and a full refund for their cooling sheets if the customer is not satisfied.

By considering these policies, you can ensure satisfaction when you buy cooling sheets and have peace of mind throughout all the cooling sheet sets and sheets purchasing process.

Additional cooling bedding options

best cooling bed sheets

Cooling sheets are just the beginning. There’s a whole world of cooling bedding products designed to help you maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night. These options include cooling mattress pads, cooling pillows, and cooling blankets, which can further enhance your sleep experience and help you stay cool and comfortable all night long.

Aside from cooling bedding, you can also consider wearing breathable pajamas to help reduce the heat, using a fan to promote air circulation, and maintaining a room temperature of approximately 67 degrees for optimal sleep. By incorporating these additional cooling solutions, you can create the perfect sleep environment to combat overheating.

Cooling mattress pads

Cooling mattress topper and pads are an excellent addition to your cooling bedding collection. These mattress toppers are designed to regulate temperature and provide comfort throughout the night, ensuring they remain cool to the touch. They come in various materials, such as cotton, bamboo, and polyester, and some even feature gel infused memory foam for additional comfort and support.

Selecting the right cooling mattress pad can significantly enhance your sleep experience and help you stay cool all night long.

Cooling pillows

Another essential cooling bedding product is the cooling pillow. These pillows are designed to absorb and dissipate heat, providing a comfortable temperature for your head throughout the night. Cooling pillows not only help regulate your core body temperature, but also provide neck and head support for a more restful sleep.

Incorporating a cooling pillow into your sleep routine can greatly improve your overall sleep quality and comfort.

best cooling bed sheets

Cooling blankets

Last but not least, cooling blankets are a fantastic option for maintaining a comfortable sleeping temperature. These blankets are designed to reduce night sweats, control body temperature, and provide moisture wicking properties without excessive heat retention. They come in various materials, such as bamboo, linen, cotton, and tencel, catering to different preferences and needs.

By adding a cooling blanket to your bedding collection, you can ensure a consistently comfortable sleep experience.

Caring for your cooling sheets

Proper care is essential to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your cooling sheets. This includes washing new sheets before using them and changing them regularly.

By following the recommended care instructions, such as washing in cold water on a gentle cycle and drying on medium heat, you can maintain the quality and performance of your cooling sheets.

Washing new sheets

best cooling bed sheets

Before using your new cooling sheets, it’s essential to give them a proper wash. Although opinions on whether to wash new sheets before use vary, it’s recommended for those with sensitive skin. Make sure to check the care label for specific instructions, use a mild laundry detergent, and wash them on a gentle cycle in cold water.

Sheet changing frequency

The frequency at which you change your sheets depends on factors such as perspiration levels, like whether the bed is shared. However, it is generally recommended to change your sheets on a weekly basis to maintain a clean and comfortable sleeping environment.

Regular sheet changing, combined with proper washing and drying, will help you keep all the sheets, your cooling sheets and flat sheet in top condition for a refreshing night’s sleep.

best cooling bed sheets

Expert tips and advice

Our comprehensive guide to cooling sheets wouldn’t be complete without expert tips and advice. We’ve gathered insights from bedding experts and sleep professionals to help you make the best decision when selecting and caring for your cooling sheets. By following their advice and recommendations, you can ensure that you’re making the most informed decision for your sleep needs.

It’s essential to choose the right material, weave type, and pocket depth for your cooling sheets, as well as consider return policies and trial periods offered by various brands. Additionally, you can further enhance your sleep experience by incorporating additional cooling bedding options such as cooling mattress pads, cooling pillows, and cooling blankets.

With these expert tips and advice, you’ll be well on your way to a cool, comfortable, and restful night’s sleep.


In conclusion, finding the perfect cooling sheets is key to a peaceful, undisturbed night’s sleep for hot sleepers. With our comprehensive guide to the top 10 cooling sheets, factors to consider when buying, and additional best overall cooling sheets and bedding options, you’ll be well equipped to make an informed decision and create the ideal sleep environment. So, take the plunge and invest in the perfect cooling sheets today – your sleep will thank you!

Frequently asked questions

Do cooling sheets really work?

Cooling sheets work by drawing heat away from the body and dispersing it, allowing better airflow and helping to avoid overheating. They are effective for those who struggle to sleep due to feeling warm, or those who wake up in the night sweating.

What sheets are the softest?

For a soft touch, breathable cotton, cozy flannel, luxurious silk, a moisture wicking fabric, viscose from bamboo, smooth tencel, polyester and microfiber sheets are all great options. Each material offers a unique feel and performance.

What other cooling bedding options are available?

Cooling mattress pads, pillows, and blankets are other options to keep your sleep temperature comfortable.

What factors should I consider when selecting a cooling mattress pad?

When selecting a cooling mattress pad, consider the size of the mattress, the material, the level of support, breathability, and thickness for a comfortable sleep experience.

Pay attention to the size of the mattress pad to ensure it fits your mattress. Look for a material that is breathable and provides the right level of support. Consider the thickness of the mattress pad to ensure it is comfortable.