Organic dream crib mattress

Imagine a crib mattress that is not only comfortable and supportive, but also eco friendly and safe for your baby: the organic dream crib mattress. These mattresses are designed for your baby’s safety, comfort, and well being. Made from 100% organic cotton, organic dream crib mattresses offer a cozy and secure sleeping environment for your little one, while keeping the planet in mind. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the unique features and benefits of organic dream crib mattresses and explore why more parents are choosing this brand for their precious bundles of joy.

Organic dream crib mattress

Short summary

  • Organic dream provides non toxic and organic crib mattresses with hypoallergenic organic cotton, DreamCore technology, Greenguard Gold certification and airflow layers for a safe sleep environment.
  • Certified organic cotton surface offers comfort and safety from chemicals and toxic fire retardants.
  • Dual sided design with removable/washable cover ensures superior breathability and hygiene while meeting highest industry standards of safety.
Organic dream crib mattress

Organic dream mattress overview

Organic dream specializes in non toxic and organic crib mattresses, ensuring that your baby has a safe and comfortable sleeping environment. Made with hypoallergenic organic cotton, these mattresses provide a gentle and supportive surface for your baby’s delicate skin. The DreamCore technology used in the mattresses ensures comfort and premium support for face and belly sleepers, making them an ideal choice for both infants and toddlers.

The organic dream crib mattresses are:

  • Made in the USA, with components sourced from Canada and Europe, ensuring the highest industry safety standards.
  • Proudly Greenguard Gold certified, guaranteeing low levels of chemical emissions.
  • Providing a healthier sleeping environment for your baby.

With ongoing airflow and breathable layers, organic dream mattresses offer a safe breathable sleep for your little one, ensuring an organic sleep experience.

Organic dream crib mattress

Certified organic cotton surface

Organic dream crib mattresses feature a certified organic cotton surface, providing a soft and comfortable sleep surface for your baby. The dream organic cotton lightweight cover is pure, clean, and free from chemicals and industrialized manufacturing processes, making it the safest option for your baby’s delicate skin. The organic cotton cover provides maximum breathability, ensuring a safe and cozy sleeping environment for your little one.

The fire barrier of the organic dream crib mattress is composed of 100% natural cellulose, and the mattress employs a viscose rayon fire sock derived from tree and plant cellulose as a flame retardant. This ensures that your baby is protected from potential hazards without the use of harmful chemicals or toxic fire retardants.

Organic dream crib mattress

Breathable pure-air core

Safety is paramount when it comes to your baby’s sleep, and the organic dream breathable crib mattress addresses this concern with its breathable pure-air core. This food grade polymer core boasts 1000% more breathability than leading standard mattresses, promoting airflow and minimizing the risk of suffocation.

The 100% washable DreamCore inner layer in the mattress ensures that the entire mattress remains clean and hygienic for your baby.

Dual-sided design for infants and toddlers

Organic dream crib mattress

As your child grows, their sleep needs change. The organic dream crib mattress adapts to these changes with its dual sided design.

  • One side is firmer and specifically designed for infants.
  • The other side is softer and tailored for toddlers.
  • The cover of the organic dream crib mattress is embroidered with “infant” and “toddler” to indicate which side is which, ensuring the proper support for your child as they grow.

The responsive firm infant and toddler side provides extra comfort and support for your growing crib toddler, making the transition from crib to toddler beds seamless. With a weight limit suitable for both infants and toddlers, the organic dream crib mattress is a versatile and long lasting investment for your child’s sleep needs, ensuring a plush experience.

Hypoallergenic materials and Greenguard Gold certification

Organic dream crib mattress

Babies have sensitive skin, and the hypoallergenic materials used in organic dream crib mattresses provide the perfect solution for protecting their delicate skin. The polyethylene mattress core is hypoallergenic, ensuring a safe and gentle sleep surface for your little one.

Greenguard Gold certification is the highest safety standard in the industry. It guarantees the lowest levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and chemical emissions. This ensures that your baby’s sleeping environment remains free from strong “new mattress smells” and chemical smell caused by volatile organic compounds, providing clean air and a pleasant scent free environment.

With hypoallergenic materials and Greenguard Gold certification, you can rest assured knowing that your baby is sleeping on a safe and healthy surface.

Organic dream crib mattress

Removable and washable cover

Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is essential for your baby’s well being, and the organic dream crib mattress makes this task easier with its removable and washable cover. In the event of nighttime accidents, simply remove the cover and machine wash it to keep your baby’s sleep surface clean and fresh.

The organic dream crib mattress cover features:

  • 100% organic cotton.
  • Hypoallergenic, making it a safe and reliable choice for your baby.
  • Water resistant cover to protect the mattress from liquids and spills.
  • Ensures the mattress remains in pristine condition for years to come.
Organic dream crib mattress

Safe sleep practices and tips

When using an organic dream crib mattress, it’s essential to follow safe sleep guidelines to ensure the well being of your baby. The American Academy of pediatrics recommends that infants sleep in a bare crib with a firm, well fitting mattress. The mattress should only be covered by a fitted sheet that fits properly. Eliminate potential hazards in the sleep environment, such as loose bedding, stuffed animals, and pillows.

Following these guidelines and providing a secure sleeping environment can significantly reduce the risk of suffocation and promote safe infant sleep. With an organic dream crib mattress, you can rest easy knowing that your baby is sleeping on a safe and comfortable surface.

Additional organic dream mattress models

Organic dream offers a variety of mattress models to suit different needs and preferences. In addition to the crib mattresses discussed in this blog post, organic dream also offers the following mattress models:

  • Classic lightweight.
  • Cool gel.
  • Mini crib.
  • Pack n play.

The classic lightweight 2-stage mattress is designed specifically for infants and toddlers, with a dual sided design for proper support as your child grows. The organic dream pack n play mattress is an organic cotton lightweight option designed for use in pack n plays, crafted from 100% organic cotton and hypoallergenic materials for a safe and comfortable sleeping surface.

With a range of options to choose from, organic dream has a mattress to suit your baby’s unique sleep needs, including our super snuggly baby mattress.

Customer reviews

Organic dream crib mattress

Parents choose organic dream crib mattresses for their children and have shared positive experiences and high levels of satisfaction. Customers have commended the mattresses for:

  • Comfort.
  • Thickness.
  • Quilted detail.
  • Organic and non toxic qualities.

The mattresses have been rated highly on Amazon, with an average of 4.6 of 5 stars each, and have been praised for their breathability and reduced suffocation risk.

These reviews showcase the value and benefits of investing in an organic dream crib mattress for your baby. With so many satisfied parents, it’s clear that organic dream is a top choice for providing a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for your little one.

Purchasing options and warranty

Organic dream crib mattress

The mattresses come with a limited lifetime warranty, offering peace of mind and protection for your investment. In addition to the warranty, organic dream offers a 100 night guarantee for these baby crib mattresses, allowing you to try the mattress risk free. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, they will arrange for the mattress to be collected and provide a full refund.

With these purchasing options and warranty details, you can make an informed decision when choosing an Organic Dream crib mattress for your baby.


Organic dream crib mattresses offer a unique blend of top safety measures, comfort, and eco friendliness, making them an excellent choice for parents seeking the best sleep environment for their baby. With features such as certified organic cotton surfaces, breathable pure-air cores, dual sided designs, hypoallergenic materials, and Greenguard Gold certification, these mattresses provide a superior sleep experience for your little one.

Investing in an organic dream crib mattress ensures that your baby sleeps on a safe, comfortable, and environmentally friendly surface, giving you peace of mind and your baby the restful sleep they deserve. When it comes to your child’s sleep, choose organic dream for a gentle and secure night’s rest.

Organic dream crib mattress

Frequently asked questions

Are organic crib mattresses necessary?

Organic crib mattresses are important for reducing chemical exposure, which is especially critical for babies under two years of age. Investing in an organic mattress can help protect your child’s health.

What mattress helps prevent SIDS?

We recommend Sealy FlexCool 2-stage crib and toddler mattress and Sealy baby firm rest crib mattress, which adhere to the minimum standard crib mattress dimensions of 27 1/4” wide x 51 5/8” long.

Additionally, it is important to avoid placing the crib near lamps, dangling cords, ribbons, windows, fans, heaters or climbable furniture to help prevent SIDS.

How do you clean an organic crib mattress?

Wipe the surface of your organic crib mattress with a damp cloth and mild detergent to lift minor soiling and stains. For heavily soiled areas, use hydrogen peroxide or alcohol to sanitize and protect your mattress.

A waterproof protector pad should be used to further protect the mattress.

What makes organic dream crib mattresses unique?

Organic dream crib mattresses are tailored to provide safe and comfortable sleep for infants and toddlers, with their 100% organic cotton, hypoallergenic materials, breathable pure-air cores, and dual sided designs.

These features and other premium materials make organic dream mattresses the perfect choice for parents who want to ensure their little ones get the best sleep possible. The organic cotton is soft and gentle on delicate skin, while the hypoallergenic materials help reduce the risk of allergies. The breathable pure-air cores provide superior air circulation.

Is the organic dream crib mattress cover removable and washable?

Yes, the organic dream mattress cover is removable and washable, allowing for easy maintenance and hygiene.