How to fold a blanket into a pillow

First, take the blanket and fold it in thirds longways. Then, do the same thing but from the bottom edge. After that’s complete, begin folding inward from the left towards the right; however, don’t fold all of it over, or else you’ll lose your pocket. Keep folding until it feels like a snowball effect where each individual fold makes previous folds seem bigger. When you’re close to finishing wrapping up your parcel with folded fabric, leave some extra blanket at the end before tucking it inwards so there’s still space for air/fluffiness inside while also holding everything together snugly!


Earth’s tilted on its axis.

Scientists theorize this tilt is also a result of the ancient impact which also produced the Moon. This tilt angles the Earth 23° away from the Sun, ensuring different parts of the planet receive different amounts of light and heat. Together with its rotation around its axis, this is what leads to the seasons.


“Always stay true to yourself and never sacrifice who you are for anyone.”