Hanging cat bed ideas

Cats love to lounge in high places, and what better way to spoil your feline friend than by providing them with a cozy hanging cat bed? Not only are these beds comfortable and fun for your pet, but they also add a touch of style to your home decor.

Macrame cat bed: a stylish and cozy option

A cozy macrame cat bed with metal hoops and a pillow for your feline friend

If you’re looking for a stylish and cozy cat bed, why not try your hand at creating a DIY macrame cat bed? With some basic macrame knots and techniques, you can transform a macrame cord and a soft cushion into a unique hanging space for your feline friend. The macrame cat bed can support up to 18KG, providing a comfortable place for your cat to sleep.

To construct the macrame cat bed, you’ll need macrame cord, metal hoops, and strong hooks to mount the bed. Knot the cord in a simple pattern and hang it from the ceiling, ensuring that the bed is stable and secure for your cat’s size. To customize the bed, consider choosing a color for the bed pillow and painting the beads to coordinate with the cushion or showcase the natural wood. This stylish addition to your home should take approximately one day to complete.

Not only is this project easy and fun, but it also demonstrates your affection and consideration for your furry companion. The macrame cat bed offers a cozy and unique suspended area for your cat to relax and enjoy the scenery and sunlight, making it a full page of comfort for your beloved pet.

Window perch cat hammock

A cozy hanging cat bed suspended from a DIY window perch cat hammock

Another great idea for a hanging cat bed is a DIY window perch cat hammock. This project involves repurposing a hanging basket, fabric, and suction cups to create a comfortable spot for your cat to enjoy the view and bask in the sunlight. With some basic hand tools found in households, you can easily construct this window perch hammock.

To create the hammock, follow these steps:

  1. Draw and cut a circular bed pattern on a concrete form.
  2. Wrap the circular bed with a carpet remnant.
  3. Install the personalized bed on a window using suction cups and synthetic rope.
  4. Place the DIY window perch cat hammock in a tranquil area of your home or near a window with an outdoor view to provide your cat with the best experience.

This quick and easy project requires a minimal amount of time and materials, but offers a comfortable and functional space, tailored to your cat’s size, for your cat to relax and observe their surroundings. The selection results in a perfect environment for cats.

Simple fabric cat swing bed

A simple fabric cat swing bed with rope and a basket for your pet

For a playful and comfortable cat bed, consider making a simple fabric cat swing bed using durable printed fabric, macrame cord, and a sturdy frame. This project is customizable, allowing you to choose a free sewing pattern and fabric that matches your style and home decor.

To create the cat swing bed, sew pillows and hang them in a tiered structure using a strong macrame cord. The construction of a washable cat swing bed requires home decor fabric, complementary fabric, a zipper, matching thread, a sewing machine, and a kit for customizing. Fill the bed with cotton or batting, ensuring a soft and comfortable surface for your cat to rest on.

This budget-friendly and easy-to-make cat swing bed is perfect for cat owners looking for a simple yet functional addition to their home, providing their feline friend with a cozy spot to lounge and play.

Repurposed furniture cat hammock

For a unique and functional cat hammock, consider repurposing old furniture, such as chairs or shelves. This project requires an old table, rug or blanket, hand towel, cup hooks, large eyelets, and paint. Transform the table into a hammock by affixing the rug or blanket and hand towel, and suspend the repurposed furniture cat hammock using cup hooks and large eyelets.

Customize the cat hammock by painting the furniture to give it a distinct appearance. This project is not only budget-friendly, but also adds a touch of creativity to your home décor while providing a cozy space for your cat to rest.

Repurposing old furniture to create a cat hammock is a great way to give new life to unused items and show your love for your feline friend, all while adding a unique touch to your home.

DIY cat tree with hammock

Why not take your cat’s lounging experience to the next level by constructing a DIY cat tree with a hammock? Using an old ladder, fabric, and upholstery foam, you can create a multi-level play and rest area for your cat. For those on a tight budget, consider using an old sweatshirt to cover the upholstery foam, as your cat may find the familiar scent comforting.

This quick and easy DIY project not only provides your cat with a comfortable and fun space to play and rest, but it also adds an interesting and functional piece of furniture to your home. Don’t be afraid to get creative and add a touch of color by painting the ladder in a vibrant hue.

PVC pipe hanging beds

For a sturdy and comfortable suspended bed, consider creating a PVC pipe hanging cat bed using durable fabric, PVC pipes, and strong connectors. This project requires PVC pipe, three-way brackets, fabric, PVC pipe caps, and hot glue. Cut the PVC pipe into desired lengths and construct the frame by affixing the three-way brackets to create one of the most innovative hanging beds for your cat.

Attach the fabric to the frame using hot glue or wood glue to create a hammock-like bed, and add PVC pipe caps to prevent slipping. This project is easy to complete, and the PVC pipe hanging cat bed provides a sturdy and comfortable space for your feline friend to lounge and relax.

Customizable wall-mounted cat perch

If you’re short on space or looking for a unique way to incorporate a cat bed into your home decor, consider designing a customizable wall-mounted cat perch. This project requires wood, brackets, and soft padding. By using a variety of materials and colors, you can create a one-of-a-kind perch that matches your home decor and provides a comfortable spot for your cat to lounge and observe their surroundings.

This space-saving project is not only functional, but also adds a touch of creativity to your home. The customizable wall-mounted cat perch is perfect for cat owners looking for an easy and stylish solution for their feline friend’s resting needs.

Frequently asked questions

Do cats like hanging cat beds?

Cats enjoy hanging cat beds as long as they are comfortable and provide support. They will make it their favorite spot if it satisfies these requirements.

Are cat hammocks good for cats?

Cat hammocks are a great choice for cats, offering them a safe and secure elevated spot to watch their environment and relax. They provide support and comfort, and can be placed in any area of the house or even outdoors.

A cat hammock is an ideal alternative to a bed or house.

What materials do I need for a DIY macrame cat bed?

You’ll need macrame cord, metal hoops, strong hooks, and a cushion for making your own DIY macrame cat bed.

How can I customize a simple fabric cat swing bed?

Customize your cat’s swing bed by using a free sewing pattern and the fabric of your choice. Create a unique, personalized design to give your pet a special place to relax.

Choose from a variety of fabrics, colors, and patterns to make the perfect swing bed for your cat. Add a few extra touches like a pillow or blanket to make it even more comfortable.