Get the best sleep with a Blissy pillowcase

Are you tired of waking up with bedhead or irritated skin? discover the secret to a luxurious and revitalizing sleep experience with Blissy silk pillowcases.

With hypoallergenic properties, hair and skin benefits, and an array of sizes and colors to choose from like white and black. Blissy pillowcases are the ultimate addition to your bedding collection. Get ready to transform your sleep routine and enhance your overall well being with the unparalleled comfort of a Blissy pillowcase.

Short summary

  • Experience luxurious comfort with Blissy pillowcases, crafted from 100% mulberry silk for a peaceful sleep experience.
  • Enjoy smoother and healthier hair and skin with the hypoallergenic properties of Blissy pillowcases.
  • Take advantage of special offers, free shipping and discounts to enjoy an affordable yet luxurious sleep!

Discovering Blissy silk pillowcases

Blissy silk pillowcases are more than just a beautiful addition to your bed; they offer a wide array of hypoallergenic benefits and are fantastic for hair and skin health.

With numerous satisfied customers, the benefits of Blissy silk pillowcases are well supported by data, including reduced wrinkles and fine lines, beauty benefits for the skin and hair, and cooling and moisture retaining properties.

Hypoallergenic properties

For those with sensitive skin and allergies, Blissy pillowcases provide a gold standard option, as they are:

  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Gentle on the skin and hair.
  • Made from 100% pure mulberry silk.
  • Naturally resistant to allergens such as dust mites, mold, and mildew.

Blissy pillowcases provide relief and comfort for allergy sufferers and contribute to overall health.

The smooth surface of the pillowcases helps prevent irritation and frizz, ensuring a soothing and peaceful sleep experience.

Hair and skin advantages

Blissy pillowcase

Say goodbye to bad hair days and rough skin with the help of Blissy pillowcases. Their 100% mulberry silk material is gentle on the hair, reducing friction and breakage while you sleep. As for the skin, the luxurious and hypoallergenic mulberry silk helps reduce friction and irritation, allowing for a more comfortable sleep and making it a gold standard choice for those with sensitive skin.

Blissy pillowcase

Sizes and pricing: find your perfect Blissy pillowcase

Blissy pillowcases come in an array of sizes, including standard, queen, and king, catering to the preferences of a wide range of customers. Not only do they offer luxurious comfort, but they are also significantly more affordable than silk pillowcases from most competing brands.

King size

For those with larger pillows, the king size Blissy pillowcase offers an unparalleled level of luxurious comfort. Measuring 20” W x 36” L, this generously sized pillowcase provides ample space for a restful sleep. Crafted from 100% mulberry silk, the king size Blissy pillowcase is hypoallergenic and features cooling and moisture wicking properties, ensuring a comfortable sleep experience.

Plus, it has a convenient hidden side zipper for easy access, removal, and cleaning, making this bag a gold standard choice for those seeking luxury and comfort.

Queen size

The queen size Blissy pillowcase features:

  • Measurements: 20” W x 30” L.
  • Designed to fit standard-sized pillows perfectly.
  • Hypoallergenic, breathable, and moisture wicking properties.
  • Provides a comfortable and restful sleep experience.
Blissy pillowcase

Material and quality: pure mulberry silk

The secret behind the luxurious comfort and numerous benefits of Blissy pillowcases is the finest 100% pure mulberry silk they are crafted from. With an impressive 22-momme weight and the best 6A grade raw silk, Blissy pillowcases offer the highest quality and durability for a truly indulgent sleep experience.

The silk is naturally hypoallergenic, breathable, and temperature regulating, making it naturally hypoallergenic and breathable.

Cooling and moisture wicking properties

Blissy silk pillowcases are not only beautiful, but they also offer amazing cooling and moisture wicking properties that contribute to a comfortable and refreshing sleep. The 100% mulberry silk material is highly breathable and helps keep your skin dry while wicking away moisture and providing a cooling effect.

With Blissy silk pillowcases, you can enjoy a restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, all while contributing to your overall health and well being.

Hidden side zipper

A fantastic feature of Blissy pillowcases is the amazing hidden side zipper, which allows for simple insertion and removal of the pillow. This clever design not only keeps the pillow firmly in place, but it also preserves the overall elegant look of the pillowcase, contributing to your overall health and well being.

The hidden side zipper ensures a secure fit and polished appearance, making Blissy pillowcases the perfect addition to any bed.

Blissy pillowcase

New colors added regularly

To keep your bedding fresh and stylish, Blissy regularly adds new colors to their collection. From classic solid hues to unique and eye catching patterns, there is always something new and exciting to choose from.

Blissy pillowcase

Caring for your blissy silk pillowcase

Proper care is essential to maintain the quality of your Blissy silk pillowcase and ensure its longevity. In the following subsections, we will provide detailed washing, drying, and ironing recommendations so that your Blissy pillowcase stays fresh and beautiful for years to come.

Blissy pillowcase

Washing instructions

To keep your Blissy pillowcase clean and in great condition, it is recommended to:

  1. Wash it once a week in cool water with mild detergent on the delicate cycle.
  2. Soak a pillowcase in cold water as a starting point for handwashing.
  3. Spot clean with mild detergent to remove any dirt or stains.

If using a washing machine, use cold water and a gentle detergent for best results. In case of stains, follow the same handwashing method to gently remove the stain without damaging the fabric.

Blissy pillowcase

Drying and ironing recommendations

After washing, it is crucial to dry your Blissy pillowcase properly to maintain its quality and appearance. You can easily dry your pillowcase by following these steps:

  1. Place the pillowcase in the dryer on the delicate cycle for a quick and efficient drying process.
  2. Once the drying cycle is complete, take the pillowcase out of the dryer.
  3. Lay the pillowcase flat on a clean surface.
  4. Allow the pillowcase to air dry completely before using it again.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your Blissy pillowcase is properly dried and ready for use.

Blissy pillowcase

Special offers and shipping

Don’t miss out on the amazing offers, free shipping, and discounts available on Blissy pillowcases. By taking advantage of these deals, you can enjoy the luxurious and comfortable sleep experience that Blissy pillowcases provides at an even more affordable price.

Blissy pillowcase

Discounts and promotions

Blissy frequently offers amazing sales and discounts on their pillowcases, making it easy for you to enjoy the benefits of their luxurious products at an even more affordable price. Stay updated on the latest discounts and promotions by signing up for Blissy’s newsletter or following them on social media.

With fabulous seasonal sales, generous loyalty rewards, and rewarding referral programs, there are plenty of opportunities to save on your Blissy pillowcase purchase.

Blissy pillowcase

Return policy and customer support

Your satisfaction is important to Blissy, which is why they offer a generous 60 day return policy for unused items purchased through their website. If you have any questions or concerns about your purchase, Blissy’s customer support team is always available to assist you and ensure a pleasant shopping experience.

60 day return policy

Blissy’s 60 day return policy offers customers the flexibility to return their purchased items within 60 days of the date of purchase. The item must be unused and in its original packaging. To initiate a return, simply contact customer service to obtain a return authorization number, securely package the item, and ship it back to Blissy.

With this generous return policy, you can shop with confidence knowing that your satisfaction is a top priority.


In conclusion, Blissy silk pillowcases offer a luxurious and revitalizing sleep experience that caters to those with sensitive skin, allergies, and a desire for optimal hair and skin health. With a variety of sizes, colors, designs, and patterns to choose from, you can customize your bed to reflect your personal style.

The pure mulberry silk material, cooling and moisture wicking properties, and hidden side zipper ensure a comfortable and refreshing sleep experience. Discover the amazing benefits of Blissy pillowcases and elevate your sleep routine today.

Frequently asked questions

Is the Blissy pillowcase really worth it?

The Blissy pillowcase is made of high quality 100% mulberry silk with hypoallergenic, bug resistant, cooling, and moisture retaining benefits. It has a luxurious feel that leads to better sleep quality and skin soothing effects, making it a welcome improvement for any bedscape.

With its superior comfort, the Blissy pillowcase is definitely worth it.

How do you wash silk Blissy pillowcases?

Wash your silk Blissy pillowcases in cool water with a mild detergent on the delicate cycle. To protect it, place the pillowcase in a mesh laundry bag and air dry for best results.

What makes Blissy pillowcases hypoallergenic?

Blissy pillowcases are hypoallergenic due to their 100% pure mulberry silk construction, offering a naturally resistant barrier against dust mites, mold, and mildew for allergy sufferers.

This barrier helps to reduce the symptoms of allergies, such as sneezing, coughing, and itchy eyes. The pillowcases are also incredibly soft and comfortable, making them perfect for a good night’s sleep. They are also machine washable, making them easy to care for.