Finding the best elevated dog bed for your pup

Do you want to provide your furry friend with a comfortable place and supportive resting spot, especially during those hot summer months?

An elevated dog bed is an excellent solution, offering a range of benefits for both you and your pup. Read on to discover the top elevated dog beds, their advantages, and tips on choosing the right size, customizing, and caring for your new investment.

Short summary

  • Find the perfect elevated dog bed for your pup this year with our top picks, including cooling mesh beds, portable beds with canopies, waterproof outdoor beds and stylish wooden or metal frame options.
  • Elevated dog beds provide improved air circulation, joint issues support and cleanliness benefits for both owners and their pets.
  • Ensure optimal comfort by accurately measuring your pet before purchase and considering multiple dogs when selecting an elevated bed size.
elevated dog bed

Top elevated dog beds for a cool and comfy summer

As a responsible pet owner, you want the best elevated dog bed for your pup. With various options available, it can be challenging to choose the perfect one. We’ve done the research and compiled a list of top elevated dog beds, catering to different needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a cooling mesh bed or a stylish wooden option, our selection has something for every dog and every home.

Explore our top picks for elevated dog beds, ranging from cooling mesh elevated pet beds for those sweltering summer days to portable elevated dog beds with canopies for outdoor adventures. Additionally, we include waterproof outdoor dog beds for all weather use, stylish raised wooden dog beds for a touch of elegance, and high quality metal frame elevated beds for durability and support.

Cooling mesh elevated pet bed

One of the best options for hot summer days is a cooling mesh elevated pet bed. These beds, such as the Amazon Basics cooling elevated pet bed, features a breathable canvas surface that keeps your dog cool while providing optimal air circulation. The elevation also helps prevent direct contact with hot ground surfaces, ensuring comfort and relief for your pup.

Another excellent choice is the K&H Pet Products original bolster pet cot, which also boasts a removable cover with mesh for air circulation.

Portable elevated dog bed with canopy

For those who love outdoor adventures or trips with their furry friend, a portable elevated dog bed with a canopy is an ideal option. The Frisco steel-framed elevated pet bed is a great example, offering comfort and cooling for dogs while being suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its durable steel frame ensures it won’t sag with extended use, and the skid resistant feet provide extra stability.

Another fantastic option is the Superjare dog bed with canopy. The built in canopy offers protection from direct sunlight, eliminating the need to move the bed frequently. With a portable elevated dog bed with a canopy, your dog will enjoy a comfortable resting spot during your outdoor excursions.

Waterproof outdoor dog bed

If your dog loves spending time outdoors, a waterproof outdoor dog bed is an excellent choice. The Coolaroo steel framed elevated pet bed is designed for outdoor use and is highly resistant to fleas, mites, mold, and mildew, providing a secure and comfortable outdoor bed for your pet. Elevated outdoor dog beds also help prevent direct contact with hot or hard patio surfaces, ensuring your pups comfort.

A waterproof elevated dog bed keeps your pet dry and comfortable during outdoor activities and can withstand various weather conditions. By choosing a waterproof outdoor dog bed, you ensure your dog enjoys a cozy resting spot outdoors, no matter the weather.

Stylish raised wooden dog bed

For those who want to combine style and comfort, a stylish raised wooden dog bed is an excellent choice. These beds come in various designs, such as mid century modern and rustic industrial styles. The PawHut wicker dog house is an elegant option, crafted from hand woven rattan style vinyl and featuring a peaked roof that resembles a real house.

Choosing a stylish raised wooden dog bed not only provides your pup with a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface, but also adds a touch of elegance to your home decor. It’s a win-win situation for both you and your furry companion.

High quality metal frame elevated bed

If durability and support are your top priorities, a high quality metal frame elevated bed, also known as a raised bed, is the way to go. These beds, such as the Zinus Joseph metal platform bed frame and Crate and Barrel mason bed, are constructed from robust and dependable metal materials and designed to elevate the mattress off the ground, providing stability and support for a comfortable and restful sleep experience.

Investing in a high quality metal frame elevated bed ensures your dog enjoys superior support and comfort, while the bed’s durability ensures it lasts for a long time, making it an excellent investment for your pup’s well being.

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Benefits of elevated dog beds

Elevated dog beds, also known as raised dog beds, offer numerous benefits for both you and your dog when compared to a regular dog bed. They provide a comfortable sleeping space, prevent back injuries and overheating, and support joint problems for older dogs or those with arthritis.

In the following sections, we’ll dive deeper into the advantages of elevated dog beds, including improved air circulation, joint support, and cleanliness.

Air circulation

One of the main benefits of elevated dog beds is the improved air circulation they provide. The elevation allows air to flow beneath the bed, helping to keep your dog cool and comfortable during hot weather. This is especially important for dogs living in warm climates, as it reduces the risk of overheating and heatstroke.

By choosing an elevated dog bed, you’re ensuring your pup stays cool and comfortable all summer long. The added comfort of improved air circulation will make your dog’s resting spot their favorite cozy place to be, keeping them happy and relaxed.

Joint support

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Elevated dog beds provide additional support for your dog’s joints, making them an excellent choice for older dogs or those with arthritis. The firm and consistent orthopedic support offered by elevated dog beds helps reduce pressure and provide relief from joint pain and discomfort. They are particularly beneficial for dogs with painful joints or mobility issues.

By investing in an elevated dog bed, you’re not only providing a comfortable sleeping surface for your pup, but also taking care of their joint health. This added support can make a significant difference in your dog’s overall well being and quality of life.


Elevated dog beds help keep your dog off the hard floor, reducing the risk of dirt, pests, and allergens. This makes them a more hygienic option compared to traditional beds that rest directly on the floor. Moreover, elevated dog beds are often easier to clean than traditional beds, as they can be wiped down and are often waterproof.

By choosing an elevated dog bed, you’re ensuring a cleaner and more hygienic sleeping environment for your pup. This not only benefits your dog’s health, but also helps maintain a cleaner home for you and your family.

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Choosing the right size elevated dog bed

Selecting the appropriate size elevated dog bed is crucial for your dog’s comfort and support. In the following sections, we offer tips on measuring your dog and considering multiple dogs when selecting the right size elevated bed.

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Measuring your dog

To ensure the correct size elevated bed is chosen for your dog, it’s important to measure them accurately. Use a tape measure to measure your dog from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail while they are standing on all four feet. For a comfortable fit, it is recommended to add 6-12 inches to the measurement.

By taking the time to measure your dog properly, you can ensure the elevated bed you choose provides optimal comfort and support. This will not only make the bed more enjoyable for your pup, but also help promote their overall health and well being.

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Considering multiple dogs

If you have multiple dogs in your household, there are additional factors to consider when selecting an elevated bed. Size is critical to ensure the bed can accommodate two or more dogs comfortably, and weight capacity is essential to guarantee that the bed can support the total weight of all the dogs.

By considering these factors, you can select an elevated dog bed that is suitable for all your furry companions, providing each of them with a comfortable and supportive sleeping space. This will not only keep your dogs happy and content, but also help maintain a harmonious household.

Customizing your elevated dog bed

Once you’ve selected the perfect elevated dog bed for your pup, you may want to add some personal touches to make it even more comfortable and inviting.

In the following sections, we share ideas for customizing your dog’s elevated bed with cushions, blankets, and DIY canopies.

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Adding cushions and blankets

Enhance your dog’s comfort on their elevated bed by adding soft cushions and cozy blankets. You can use a dog pillow bed, repurpose existing cushions, or even create a no-sew throw pillow insert for added comfort. Incorporate a blanket for additional warmth, especially during colder seasons.

When selecting cushions and blankets, ensure they are machine washable and made from durable materials, such as cotton, polyester, or microfiber. By adding these cozy elements to your dog’s elevated bed, you’ll create a comfortable and inviting resting spot they’ll love.

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DIY canopy ideas

Adding a canopy to your dog’s elevated bed can provide shade and protection from the elements. You can create a canopy using fabric, a sewing machine, scissors, and a measuring tape. Customize the canopy by adding trim, fringe, or other decorative elements, and ensure secure attachment to the bed frame with ties or straps.

By incorporating a canopy, you’ll not only enhance your dog’s comfort on their elevated bed, but also provide them with added shade and protection, making their resting spot even more appealing, especially during those hot summer days.

Caring for your elevated dog bed

Proper care and maintenance of your dog’s elevated bed are essential to ensure its longevity and continued comfort. In the following sections, we offer tips on easy cleaning the frame and fabric, as well as guidance on replacing parts when necessary.

Cleaning the frame and fabric

To keep your dog’s elevated bed fresh and hygienic, it’s important to clean the frame and fabric regularly. Wipe down the frame with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or debris, and use mild soap if necessary for particularly dirty frames. For daily cleaning of the fabric, use a damp cloth, and for periodic cleaning, remove the cover and machine wash on a gentle cycle with cold water or dry clean.

By maintaining a clean elevated dog bed, you’re not only ensuring your dog’s comfort, but also contributing to a healthier living environment for both your pup and your family.

Replacing parts

Over time, parts of your dog’s elevated bed may need to be replaced to maintain its durability and support. Replacement parts can be found on online platforms like Amazon or eBay.

When replacing parts, ensure they are compatible with your specific dog bed model to avoid any issues. By staying diligent in replacing parts as needed, you can ensure your dog’s elevated bed remains supportive and comfortable for years to come.


In conclusion, elevated dog beds provide numerous benefits for both you and your dog, including improved air circulation, joint support, and cleanliness. By selecting the right size, customizing the bed with cushions and blankets, and properly caring for the bed, you’ll ensure your pup enjoys a comfortable and supportive sleeping space all year round. Make the investment in an elevated dog bed, and watch as your furry companion enjoys the comfort and support they deserve.

Frequently asked questions

Is an elevated bed better for a dog?

Elevated beds provide better airflow and joint support than traditional dog beds, making them a better option for small and large dogs alike.

They are also easier to clean and maintain, as the elevated design allows for better access to the bed’s surface. This makes them a great option for pet owners who want to keep their pet’s bedding clean and healthy.

Are dog beds actually comfortable for dogs?

Dog beds are not necessary, but provide extra layers of comfort and support, making them invaluable to a dog’s sleep schedule.

They can help to reduce joint pain, provide insulation, and even help to keep a dog’s body temperature regulated.

What types of elevated dog beds are available?

Elevated dog beds come in a range of styles, including cooling mesh, portable, waterproof, wooden, and metal frame varieties.