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Key takeaways

  • Customize your printable wall art with size, orientation and cropping for the perfect look.
  • Get tips on printing, framing and creating gallery walls with unique seasonal and holiday prints!
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How to choose the perfect printable wall art

Choosing the ideal printable wall art for your space requires consideration of factors like:

  • Size.
  • Aspect ratio.
  • Color.
  • Style.
  • Theme.

The right color scheme is vital, as it sets the vibe and feel of the space, evoking different emotions and creating a specific atmosphere. To choose the ideal theme for your art print (wall art), think about the overall style of the room and select artwork that complements the existing décor and creates a harmonious look.

Customizing your printable wall art

One of the key advantages of printable wall art is the option to tailor it to your specific aesthetic preference. This includes:

  • Selecting the right size, orientation, and cropping options.
  • Angling it 10-20 degrees for a flat surface.
  • Stacking two or three horizontal prints on a narrow wall.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your wall art looks just right. When sizing prints for wall art, think about the aspect ratio of the image and the size you want to print, aiming for a picture size that’s between 40-60% of the wall space.

Printing and framing tips

After selecting and customizing your printable wall art, the next steps involve printing and framing. We will cover different printing methods, paper quality, and frame styles to guarantee your wall art’s longevity and optimal presentation.

Printing methods

There are various printing methods available for printable wall art, such as giclée and digital printing, which impact quality and durability. Giclée printing is considered the best method for wall art, providing high quality prints with a resolution of 300 DPI and up. If the DPI is too low, the print might come out blurry or pixelated, so it’s crucial to ensure your chosen method retains the image’s clarity.

Paper quality

For printable wall art, paper quality plays a significant role. Acid-free and archival paper options are recommended for long lasting prints. Paper weight plays a role in the quality of printable wall art, with heavier papers being more durable and having a nicer finish. Acid-free paper, which has a neutral or basic pH level, is essential for protecting your artwork from degradation over time, ensuring your prints maintain their original look for years to come.

Frame selection

Choosing the right frame for your printable wall art not only protects your prints but also enhances your overall décor. There are various frame styles and materials to consider, such as canvas print frames, shadow box frames, certificate display frames, and jersey frames.

The best material for your frame depends on your desired look and the level of protection you need for your artwork – wooden frames offer a textured look, metal frames are sleek and thin, and acrylic frames provide UV and moisture protection. The frame you select should enhance your wall art and add to the visual appeal of your space.

Creating a gallery wall with printable wall art

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A gallery wall, consisting of art prints, photos, and other wall decorations, offers a visually impactful method to exhibit your printable wall art. By combining different styles, sizes, and layouts, you can create a cohesive and visually appealing display that transforms your space.

Popular gallery wall layouts include asymmetrical arrangements, classic grid layouts, and modern shapes collections. With a little creativity and an eye for design, you can put together a gallery wall that showcases your unique taste and style, making a statement in any room.

Printable wall art for different rooms

Printable wall art can enhance the ambiance in different rooms of your home, including living areas, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Selecting the right wall art for each room involves coordinating with the existing décor and choosing themes that create a harmonious look. For example, abstract prints work well in living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms, while kitchen themed art and kitchen printables are perfect for sprucing up your cooking space.

In a home office, consider calming nature prints, or minimalist designs to create the ideal working environment. Kids’ rooms can feature playful designs, colorful illustrations, or educational prints to stimulate their imaginations. With the right printable wall art, you can create a stylish and harmonious atmosphere in every room of your home.

Seasonal and holiday printable wall art

Seasonal and holiday themed printable wall art offers an excellent method to rejuvenate your home decor and commemorate special events throughout the year. Some popular options include:

  • Christmas.
  • Halloween.
  • Easter.
  • Autumn.
  • Winter.

With countless options to choose from, you can easily find the perfect printable wall art to suit your style and celebrate any occasion.

These themed wall art pieces can easily be incorporated into your existing decor, adding a festive touch and making your house feel extra special during holidays and seasonal transitions. So, why not take advantage of these delightful printable wall art options to keep your home looking fresh and festive all year round?

Frequently asked questions

What is printable art?

Printable art is an alternative to buying physical artwork or framed posters, where instead you buy a digital file that is high resolution and can be printed out in the comfort of your own home!

What materials can I print my wall art on?

You can print your wall art on photo paper (shiny or matte), and canvas.


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