American Soy Organics 10 Lbs Of Organic Soy Wax Beads For Candle Making


– American Soy Organics introduces Freedom Soy Wax Beads as a solution to bulky wax chunks and chemical exposure. The microwavable soy wax beads appeal to candle making enthusiasts and professionals.

– The convenience of microwaving the wax beads makes candle making hassle-free for beginners. Simply melt, pour, and start the next batch with no additional equipment.

– The beads melt perfectly in the microwave at 160 degrees for pouring into room temperature jars.

– The soy wax beads ensure a perfect result every time with no wonky tops or improper fragrance distribution. The best candles start with the best supplies.

– American Soy Organics uses Midwest-grown soybeans to produce the Freedom soy wax beads in a sustainable and ethical manner. Trust them for high-quality, renewable candle making supplies.



Introducing the revolutionary Freedom Soy Wax Beads by American Soy Organics. Say goodbye to the hassle of working with bulky wax chunks and the worries of chemical exposure. Our microwavable soy wax beads are the perfect solution for candle making enthusiasts and professionals alike. With their versatility and purity, they have become a favorite among artisans and hobbyists.

Crafted with care and precision, our soy wax is safe to handle, ethically produced, and completely paraffin-free. We understand the importance of using quality ingredients in candle making, which is why our soy wax beads are the perfect choice. Not only do they produce a clean burn, but they also have a longer lasting scent compared to traditional waxes. Plus, with our wide range of colors available, you can create candles in any hue you desire.

Our wax beads are not just for experts – they are perfect for beginners too! The convenience of our microwavable wax beads makes candle making hassle-free. Simply melt the beads, pour into your desired container, and start your next batch in no time. It’s the perfect option for those who are new to DIY candles.

We have designed our soy wax beads to melt perfectly in the microwave, saving you time and minimizing the need for additional equipment. No more messy pots and pans to clean up! With our simple steps, you can have your wax melted to the perfect temperature of 160 degrees in no time. Add your fragrance and pour the melted wax into your room temperature jars for the best results.

Our soy wax beads ensure a perfect result every time. No more wonky tops, poor sidewall adhesion, or uneven fragrance distribution. The best candles start with the best supplies, and our soy wax beads deliver exceptional quality and performance.

At American Soy Organics, we take pride in using soybeans grown in America’s Midwest to produce our Freedom soy wax beads. We are committed to sustainability and ethical production, making our wax beads a responsible choice for candle making. Trust us for high-quality, renewable, and ethically produced candle making supplies.

Experience the convenience and excellence of our Freedom Soy Wax Beads. Make your own candles with ease and confidence. Order now and join the countless satisfied customers who have made our soy wax beads their go-to choice for all their candle making needs.

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American Soy Organics 10 Lbs Of Organic Soy Wax Beads For Candle Making