Traditional Medicinals Organic Mother’s Milk Tea 16 Tea Bags


– Traditional Medicinals Tea formulated Organic Mother’s Milk tea to promote lactation and breastfeeding support for new mothers.

– Contains 16 tea bags filled with fennel, anise, fenugreek and other organic herbs known to aid milk production and digestion.

– Provides natural support for breastfeeding mothers on their challenging journey.

– Soothing and calming effect benefits both mom and baby through flavorful aromatic blend and properties passed in breastmilk.

– Sources ingredients ethically and sustainably from certified organic and non-GMO sources for safety of mothers and babies.



Introducing Traditional Medicinals Tea, the perfect solution for new moms looking to support healthy lactation and breastfeeding. Our Organic Mother’s Milk tea is specifically formulated to promote milk production and provide much-needed support for nursing mothers. Each box contains 16 tea bags filled with a delicious blend of organic herbs, carefully selected for their potency and effectiveness.

We understand that breastfeeding can be a challenging journey, and that’s why we’ve created this tea to provide natural and gentle support for mothers and their little ones. Our blend includes ingredients such as fennel, anise, and fenugreek, all known to aid in milk production and digestion. We also use only high-quality, organic herbs to ensure the purest and safest tea for you and your baby.

But our tea is not just beneficial for milk production; it also offers a soothing and calming effect for both mom and baby. The aromatic and flavorful blend provides a much-needed moment of relaxation for busy moms, while also passing on the calming properties of the herbs to your little one through breast milk.

At Traditional Medicinals, we take pride in sourcing our ingredients from ethical and sustainable sources, ensuring that every cup of tea you drink is not only good for you but for the planet as well. Our Mother’s Milk tea is certified organic and non-GMO, making it a safe and healthy choice for you and your little one.

So whether you’re a first-time mom navigating the world of breastfeeding, or a seasoned pro looking to boost your milk supply, trust in Traditional Medicinals Tea to provide the support and nourishment you need. Our Organic Mother’s Milk tea is here to help you on your journey to motherhood and beyond. So go ahead, take a moment for yourself, and enjoy a cup of Mother’s Milk tea. Your body and your baby will thank you.

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Traditional Medicinals Organic Mother’s Milk Tea 16 Tea Bags