Pure Cotton Topsheet Overnight Pads For Women 96 Count


– Made with high quality organic cotton, these ultra thin pads prioritize comfort and health.

– Free from harsh chemicals such as chlorine bleaching, pesticides, fragrances and dyes.

– Features a soft and breathable organic cotton top sheet for added comfort.

– Secure fit with wings to stay in place through tossing and turning.

– Overnight size and absorbent core make it perfect for heavier flow days.

– Each pack contains 48 ultra thin overnight pads with an unscented design for a healthier period.



Introducing the L. Pure Cotton Topsheet Pads for Women, the ultimate overnight protection for your time of the month. These ultra thin pads are designed with your comfort and health in mind, using only the highest quality organic cotton materials. Our pads are free from chlorine bleaching, pesticides, fragrances and dyes, ensuring that your delicate skin is not exposed to harsh chemicals. Our organic cotton top sheet provides a soft and breathable barrier between your skin and the pad, keeping you feeling fresh and comfortable all night long.

With a secure fit and wings, these pads stay in place no matter how much you toss and turn. The overnight size and absorbent core make these pads perfect for heavier flow days, giving you the confidence to sleep peacefully without any worries. We understand the importance of using natural and sustainable materials, which is why we have chosen to create our pads with organic cotton. This not only benefits the environment, but also your body. By avoiding synthetic materials and harsh chemicals, you can experience a healthier and more comfortable period.

In each pack, you will receive 48 ultra thin overnight pads, giving you a supply that will last through multiple cycles. With our unscented design, you can feel confident that you are not exposing yourself to any unnecessary chemicals or artificial fragrances. Take care of your body during your menstrual cycle with the L. Pure Cotton Topsheet Pads for Women. Our commitment to using organic materials and sustainable practices ensures that you are getting a product that is not only good for you, but also for the planet. Upgrade your period protection with L. today.

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Pure Cotton Topsheet Overnight Pads For Women 96 Count