Pinkie Period Pads For Teens Size Small 18 Count


– The organic pads use plant-based and hypoallergenic materials free of dyes, chlorine, and fragrance to prevent skin irritation on delicate skin.

– A super-absorbent Japanese polymer core allows the pads to quickly absorb liquid and keep girls dry through a full school day with no leaks or discomfort.

– Leak-proof wings further protect underwear from any liquid escape. Each pad comes in a patent-pending recyclable wrapper baggie also used to dispose of used pads.

– Pinkie promises the best period protection and comfort for girls through their pads to relieve parents’ stress over finding suitable products for their daughters.



Introducing Pinkie Period Pads for Tweens & Teens – the ultimate solution for young girls experiencing their first period. As parents, we understand the struggles of finding the perfect period pad for your tween or teen. That’s why we have created these pads specifically designed for their smaller underwear and sensitive skin. Our most popular pads, size small (8.2 in / 21cm), are the perfect fit for youth underwear size 12+. We know the importance of finding the right fit, and with Pinkie pads, your daughter will feel comfortable and confident throughout the day.

But that’s not all, our pads are also organic, plant-based, and hypoallergenic. We made sure to leave out any harmful ingredients such as dyes, chlorine, and fragrance, to ensure your daughter’s delicate skin is not irritated. Not only are our pads gentle on the skin, but they also provide powerful absorption. With a plant-based Japanese super-absorbent polymer core, our pads can quickly absorb liquid, keeping your daughter dry for up to a full school day. No more worrying about leaks or discomfort.

We understand that teenagers have different needs when it comes to period protection. That’s why we have designed our pads with leak-proof wings, ensuring that liquid stays on the pad and off of the underwear. And for added convenience, each organic pad comes in our patent-pending, slip-out, drawstring recyclable wrapper baggie. The cloth-like wrapper provides a better unwrapping experience and can be used for the disposal of used pads. Pinkie Period Pads were created by two moms for their daughters. As parents, we know the struggle of finding the right products for our children, especially when it comes to periods.

That’s why we have put our hearts and souls into creating the perfect pad for your tween or teen. Trust us, we’ve been there. Say goodbye to the stress of finding the right period pad for your daughter. With Pinkie Period Pads for Tweens & Teens, you can rest assured that your daughter will have the best protection and comfort during her period. So don’t wait, give her the gift of confidence and choose Pinkie today!

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Pinkie Period Pads For Teens Size Small 18 Count