Lola Ultra Thin Organic Cotton Pads 144 Count


– The LOLA Organic Cotton Pads pack includes 144 ultra thin pads with wings designed to provide exceptional comfort and protection throughout the day. Its pads are crafted from organic cotton to fit underwear without chafing or bunching.

– The organic pads are gynecologist-approved and suitable for all underwear sizes from XS to 5XL, eliminating concerns about finding the right size.

– The pack includes panty liners, regular pads, and heavy pads to accommodate different flow levels. It aims to provide coverage and comfort regardless of needs.



Introducing the revolutionary LOLA Organic Cotton Pads, the ultimate solution for your monthly period needs. Our 144 count pack includes ultra thin pads with wings, designed to provide you with exceptional comfort and protection all day long. With the perfect combination of advanced technology and organic cotton, our pads are specifically crafted to fit your underwear without causing any chafing or bunching. Say goodbye to those uncomfortable days with pads that just don’t fit right.

We have developed our period pads with an innovative hourglass silhouette, ensuring that you are fully covered and protected against leaks. Our wings are thoughtfully shaped to reduce bunching, giving you the freedom to move confidently without any worries. Not only are our pads designed for ultimate comfort and protection, they are also gynecologist-approved and suitable for all sizes of underwear, from XS to 5XL. No more worrying about finding the right size pad for your body.

Our pack includes different sizes of organic pads to accommodate your different flow days. For those light flow days, our panty liners are the perfect fit. For moderate flow days, our regular pads have got you covered. And for those heavy flow days, our heavy pads provide ultimate protection and comfort. No matter what your body needs, we have you covered.

At LOLA, we are committed to providing high-quality products with clean ingredients you can trust. Our pads are made without any toxins or dyes, providing you with the peace of mind that what goes into your body is safe and healthy. After all, if it’s going in your body, you should know exactly what it’s made of. Choose LOLA Organic Cotton Pads and experience the ultimate comfort and protection during your period. Your body will thank you.

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Lola Ultra Thin Organic Cotton Pads 144 Count