Lola Organic Ultra Thin Liners 108 Count


– The organic liners are made with 100% cotton top sheet and core for natural feel against skin.

– Their hourglass shape and flexible edges provide all-day comfort and leak protection while being gynecologist-approved and hypoallergenic.

– They come in one absorbency and size as a perfect everyday or backup option. Pads with wings are recommended for moderate or heavy flows.

– LOLA uses high-quality, clean ingredients without toxins or dyes for natural, safe products and peace of mind during periods.



Introducing the LOLA Ultra Thin Liners, the perfect solution for lighter days or for added protection during your period. Say goodbye to bulky, uncomfortable pads and hello to sleek, slim liners that don’t skimp on leak protection. With 108 liners in each pack, you’ll have plenty to last you through your cycle. Our liners are designed with a 100% cotton top sheet and core, ensuring that you only have the best, most natural materials against your skin.

But it’s not just about comfort with LOLA, it’s also about reliability. Our liners have an hourglass shape that contours to your body and flexible edges that move with you, providing all-day comfort and leak protection. They’re also gynecologist-approved and hypoallergenic, so you can trust that they are safe for your sensitive skin.

Our organic ultra thin liners come in one absorbency and size (6.5 inches long), making them perfect for everyday use or as a backup to a tampon or menstrual cup. But for those with a moderate or heavy flow, we recommend our pads with wings, available in regular and heavy absorbency. Whatever your needs, LOLA has you covered.

At LOLA, we are committed to using high-quality, clean ingredients that you can trust. We believe that what goes into your body is just as important as what goes on it, which is why we never use toxins or dyes in our products. With LOLA, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are using natural, safe products during your period. Experience the difference with LOLA Ultra Thin Liners and feel confident and comfortable every day of the month.

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Lola Organic Ultra Thin Liners 108 Count