L. Organic Cotton Tampons with BPA-Free Applicators, Super Absorbency, 30 Count


– Made with GOTS Certified Organic Cotton to ensure safety for your body and the Earth.

– Free from chlorine bleaching, rayon, fragrances, and dyes for a chemical-free experience.

– BPA-free plastic applicator for easy and comfortable insertion.

– For every product purchased, one is donated to a woman or girl in need.

– Each pack contains 30 super absorbency tampons for full coverage during your menstrual cycle.



Introducing L. Organic Cotton Tampons – the perfect combination of comfort, convenience, and conscious living. We understand that women’s health and the environment are top priorities, which is why our tampons are made with GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. This means that our cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticides, making it safer for your body and the Earth.

But our commitment to your health doesn’t stop there. Our tampons are also free from chlorine bleaching, rayon, fragrances, and dyes, ensuring that you’re not exposing yourself to any unnecessary chemicals. With L. Tampons, you can feel confident and secure knowing that you’re using a product that not only cares for your body but also for the environment.

We’ve also designed our tampons with a BPA-free plastic applicator, making insertion a breeze. No more struggling with cardboard applicators that can be uncomfortable and difficult to use. Our applicators are smooth, sleek, and provide a comfortable fit for a stress-free period experience.

At L., we believe in giving back and making a positive impact on the world. For every L. product you purchase, we make one accessible to another woman or girl. This ensures that women and girls in need have access to safe and healthy period products. With L. Tampons, you’re not just taking care of your own health, but you’re also making a difference in the lives of others.

Each pack includes 30 super absorbency tampons, providing you with the coverage you need during your menstrual cycle. Whether you have a heavy flow or just want some extra protection, L. Tampons have got you covered. So why settle for harsh, chemical-laden tampons when you can make a positive impact with L. Organic Cotton Tampons? Try them out today and experience the comfort and benefits for yourself.

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L. Organic Cotton Tampons with BPA-Free Applicators, Super Absorbency, 30 Count