Cotton Organic Tampons Multipack Light And Regular 2 Pack 84 Count


– The tampons are made of 100% organic cotton without harmful chemicals and pesticides. This allows women to use tampons without health risks.

– The organic tampons feature a unique grip for easy insertion and removal to prevent slipping. The core also gently expands to fit different body shapes for maximum comfort.

– The packaging has easy-open tabs for convenient changing even with wet hands wherever a woman may be.



Introducing L. Organic Cotton Tampons Multipack – the perfect choice for women who prioritize their health and the environment. This multipack includes 42 light absorbency tampons and 42 regular absorbency tampons, giving you a total of 84 tampons in each purchase. Made with a 100% organic cotton core, these organic tampons are free of harmful chemicals such as chlorine bleaching, pesticides, rayon, fragrances, and dyes. You can now confidently use tampons without worrying about any potential health risks.

Designed with your comfort in mind, these tampons feature a unique grip that helps prevent slipping and ensures easy insertion. No more dealing with frustrating tampon slips! The grip also makes it easier to remove the tampon when it’s time to change. The core of the tampon is specifically designed to gently expand to fit your unique body shape, providing maximum comfort and protection. You can now go about your day without any discomfort or worries.

We understand the struggle of trying to open a tampon packaging with slippery, wet hands. That’s why our tampons come with easy-to-open tabs, making it convenient for you to change your tampon wherever you are. Whether you’re at home, work, or on-the-go, L. Organic Cotton Tampons Multipack has got you covered.

At L., we are committed to providing women with safe and eco-friendly feminine hygiene products. Our organic cotton tampons are not only good for your health, but they are also good for the environment. With L., you can make a positive impact on the environment while taking care of yourself. So why settle for anything less? Choose L. Organic Cotton Tampons Multipack and take the first step towards a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

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Cotton Organic Tampons Multipack Light And Regular 2 Pack 84 Count