Cora Ultra Thin Organic Pads With Wings 36 Count


– The organic pads offer up to 10 hours of extra dry leak protection through smart channels that pull liquid to the center and side barriers that contain it.

– They are made of a soft 100% organic cotton topsheet that wicks away moisture for freshness and comfort overnight.

– The ultra-thin and flexible design allows freedom of movement without restrictions during activities like sports or dance.

– The pads use hypoallergenic 100% organic cotton and are made without chlorine, fragrance, or dyes for clean and natural period care.



Introducing Cora Organic Pads, the ultimate solution for your period care needs. These ultra-thin pads with wings offer overnight absorbency and ultra-absorbent sanitation for your utmost comfort. Say goodbye to bulky pads that make you feel like you’re wearing a diaper. Our pads are designed with smart channels that pull liquid into the center and side barriers that keep it all in, ensuring up to 10 hours of extra dry leak protection. And the best part? These pads are HSA/FSA eligible, so you can stock up on them without any worries.

But it’s not just about dryness, we also prioritize your comfort. Our organic pads are made with a soft and airy 100% organic cotton topsheet that wicks away moisture, allowing you to feel fresh and comfortable all night long. Plus, they are dermatologically tested and gentle on the most sensitive skin. So, you can rest assured that your body is in good hands. We understand that your period can be a hassle, but your period products shouldn’t be.

That’s why our pads are ultra-thin and flexible, giving you the freedom to move and play without any restrictions. Whether you want to wear a leotard, play twister, or simply forget you’re on your period, our pads make it all possible. At Cora, we believe in using clean ingredients for our products. While your pads may not stay clean, at least they’ll start that way. Our pads are made with a hypoallergenic 100% organic cotton topsheet and without chlorine, fragrance, or dyes.

You deserve to have safe and natural period care options, and that’s exactly what we provide. We also believe that every body deserves access to period care, regardless of their financial situation. That’s why with every Cora purchase, we donate period products and provide body literacy resources to those in need. Your purchase not only benefits you, but it also helps others in our community.

Don’t settle for uncomfortable and potentially harmful period products. Choose Cora Organic Pads for long-lasting dryness, breathable comfort, and clean ingredients. Available in a variety of absorbency options including Regular, Super, Overnight, and Maxi Overnight, there’s a perfect pad for every flow. Experience the Cora difference today.

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Cora Ultra Thin Organic Pads With Wings 36 Count