August Light Absorbency Organic Tampons BPA Free 96 Tampons


– These organic tampons are made with certified organic cotton and BPA-free plastic to avoid harmful chemicals.

– The unique design aims to fit the shape of the vagina for maximum comfort and absorbency during insertion.

– In addition to being organic and BPA-free, the tampons are also toxin-free, fragrance-free, and hypoallergenic to protect sensitive bodies from pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals.



Introducing August Organic Tampons, the perfect choice for women looking for a healthier and more natural option for their monthly cycle. This bulk pack of 96 light tampons will keep you stocked for months, so you never have to worry about running out. Our tampons are made with 100% certified organic cotton, sourced from Turkey, and our applicators are made from BPA-free plastic, ensuring that you are not exposing your body to any harmful chemicals or toxins.

Designed for both comfort and absorbency, our organic tampons are thoughtfully made to fit the true shape of your vagina. With our unique axial opening, resembling a pair of angel wings, our tampons provide maximum comfort and absorbency. Plus, our long applicators have smooth tips for easy insertion, giving you a hassle-free and comfortable experience.

But that’s not all – our tampons are not only organic and BPA-free, but they are also toxin-free, fragrance-free, and hypoallergenic. We understand that our bodies are sensitive and deserve the best care, which is why we have made sure that our products are free from any harmful chemicals. Say goodbye to pesticides, herbicides, fragrances, rayon, deodorants, dioxins, and dyes with August tampons.

We believe in transparency and providing our customers with the best possible products. That’s why all of our ingredients are listed, and we never include any unnecessary or harmful ingredients in our tampons. So you can trust that you are using a safe and reliable product when choosing August Organic Tampons. Make the switch to a healthier and more natural option for your monthly cycle with August Organic Tampons. Your body will thank you. Try them out today!

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August Light Absorbency Organic Tampons BPA Free 96 Tampons