Clif Kid Zbar Soft Baked Whole Grain Organic Snack Bars 18 Pack


– The bars have a soft and chewy texture and come in yummy flavors like Iced Oatmeal Cookie that kids will enjoy.

– Clif Kid Zbar provides whole grains like organic rolled oats, giving kids 10-12g of energy per bar to fuel their activities.

– The organic snack bars are made using 100% renewable energy in certified zero waste bakeries as part of commitments to sustainability and being carbon neutral by 2040.

– Clif Kid Zbar is certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO, and Kosher, ensuring the best quality possible. It is also free from undesirable additives.



Introducing Clif Kid Zbar – Iced Oatmeal Cookie, the perfect snack for your little ones! At Clif Kid, we believe that kids thrive when they can play outdoors, fueled by delicious and nutritious food that they love. That is why we have created these soft-baked whole grain snack bars, specifically sized for little hands and perfect for on-the-go snacking. These bars have a chewy and soft texture and come in a variety of yummy flavors that your kids will surely enjoy. But it’s not just about taste, Clif Kid Zbar has important health benefits too.

Made with wholesome, plant-based ingredients like organic rolled oats, these organic snack bars provide 10-12g of energizing whole grains per bar, giving active kids the energy they need to keep going, growing, and exploring. As part of our commitment to making products that are kind to both people and the environment, Clif Kid Zbar is made using 100% renewable energy in zero waste certified bakeries. We are also proud to be Climate Neutral Certified and have signed The Climate Pledge, making a commitment to be carbon neutral by 2040.

By purchasing Clif Kid Zbar, you are not only providing your child with a tasty and nutritious snack, but you are also supporting our efforts towards a more sustainable future. But that’s not all, Clif Kid Zbar is also certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO, and Kosher, ensuring that you are giving your child the best quality organic snack possible. We also understand that parents are looking to avoid certain ingredients, which is why our bars are free from high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, and synthetic preservatives.

You can feel good about giving your child Clif Kid Zbar, knowing that it is made with their health and well-being in mind. So why wait? Give your child the delicious and nutritious snack they deserve with Clif Kid Zbar – Iced Oatmeal Cookie. Join the Clif Kid family and let us fuel your child’s outdoor adventures!

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Clif Kid Zbar Soft Baked Whole Grain Organic Snack Bars 18 Pack