Lofe Organic Pillow With Buckwheat Filling Queen Size 20×26


– Made of 100% tartary buckwheat hulls, this adjustable organic pillow allows the user to enhance their sleeping experience.

– Tartary buckwheat helps promote calm, restful sleep by clearing heat and fatigue while providing superior support for the head and neck.

– Buckwheat hulls have a unique cooling effect that prevents overheating while allowing air flow.

– The pillow provides firm support with slight sounds and smells that dissipate over time.

– Its many benefits and adjustable features make it ideal for achieving comfortable, restful sleep.



Introducing the LOFE Organic Buckwheat Pillow for Sleeping – Queen Size 20”x26”, the ultimate sleep solution for those seeking a healthier and more comfortable rest. Made with 100% healthy tartary buckwheat hulls, this organic pillow is a game changer for those looking to enhance their sleeping experience. But what exactly is tartary buckwheat and why is it beneficial? Tartary buckwheat is known for its health benefits, helping to clear heat-fire, eliminate fatigue and tension, and promote a calm and restful sleep.

At LOFE, we use only the finest premium tartary buckwheat hulls that have been treated with high temperature to ensure a safe and healthy sleeping experience. One of the key features of this pillow is its adjustable height. With a side zipper design, you can easily add or remove buckwheat filling to adjust the pillow’s height to your liking. This provides personalized support for your head and neck, allowing you to get maximum comfort and alleviate any pain or tension.

The buckwheat hulls used in this pillow also offer superior support for your head and neck. They provide adjustable support that conforms to your body, helping to improve memory and eliminate fatigue and tension. And that’s not all, the buckwheat hulls also have a unique cooling effect. They repel heat and allow air to flow between the husks, ensuring that your head stays cool and comfortable throughout the night.

We do want to mention some characteristics of buckwheat pillows that you may notice. Firstly, they have a firmness that helps provide good support for your neck. Secondly, there may be a slight sound when moving your head as the buckwheat hulls have fluidity, allowing for air to flow and keep your head cool. And lastly, there may be a slight odor, but rest assured that this is just the natural smell of buckwheat hulls and is not harmful. You can sleep on it immediately and the smell will dissipate over time.

Invest in your sleep and overall health with the LOFE Organic Pillow for Sleeping. With its many benefits and adjustable features, it is a must-have for anyone looking for a comfortable and restful night’s sleep. Order yours today and experience the difference for yourself!

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Lofe Organic Pillow With Buckwheat Filling Queen Size 20×26