Karma Organic Nail Polish Remover Unscented 4 Fl Oz


– Formulated with nourishing essential oils, it effectively removes all types of polish without leaving your nails brittle or dry.

– The organic nail polish remover is made with pure and natural ingredients like soybean oil, our formula is safe for you and the environment.

– Say goodbye to the strong smell of acetone – our vitamin-rich formula is completely acetone-free.

– Perfect for those with sensitivity to fragrances or allergies.



Are you tired of using nail polish removers that leave your nails brittle and dry? Look no further, because Karma Organic has created the perfect solution for you. Our unscented organic nail polish remover is formulated with nourishing essential oils that not only remove your polish, but also leave your nails and cuticles feeling smooth and moisturized. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to natural ingredients with our acetone-free formula.

At Karma Organic, we understand the importance of using products that are safe for both you and the environment. That’s why our organic nail polish remover is made with pure and natural ingredients, such as soybean oil, that effectively remove all types of nail polish, including glitter and matte. No need to worry about toxic chemicals with our gentle and nourishing formula.

We know how irritating the strong smell of acetone can be when using traditional nail polish removers. That’s why our vitamin-rich formula is completely acetone-free, making it safe for your nose and eyes. With just a wipe or two, your nails will be polish-free and feeling nourished. Our oil-based formula can be used with wipes, cotton, or tissues for added convenience.

Do you have sensitivity to fragrances or allergies? Our unscented nail polish remover is the perfect choice for you. You can confidently use our product without worrying about any unpleasant reactions.

Not only is our nail polish remover safe for you, but it is also safe for animals. We are proud to say that our products are vegan and cruelty-free, meaning they are not tested on animals and do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. We also strive to be environmentally friendly by using glass bottles and printing with soy-based ink.

Choose Karma Organic for a nourishing, natural, and ethical nail polish remover. Our mission is to provide you with the best and safest products while keeping our planet green. So go ahead and pamper yourself with our unscented nail polish remover, your nails will thank you.

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Karma Organic Nail Polish Remover Unscented 4 Fl Oz