Viva Naturals Unrefined And Cold Pressed Organic Coconut Oil 54 Oz


– Coconut oil is made from fresh, organic coconuts that is unrefined and cold-pressed. It has a high smoke point making it a healthy substitute for cooking oils.

– Organic coconut oil adds flavor and nutrition to baked goods, fried foods, and sauteed dishes. It is healthier than processed oils.

– The oil nourishes skin and hair as a natural body and hair moisturizer. It hydrates skin without feeling greasy.

– Coconut oil is certified organic by the USDA and keto/paleo diets, ensuring high quality ingredients.


Introducing Viva Naturals Organic Coconut Oil – the ultimate multi-purpose product for your kitchen, beauty routine, and overall well-being. Not only is our coconut oil made from fresh, organic coconuts, but it’s also unrefined and cold-pressed to preserve its natural goodness.

One of the standout features of our coconut oil is its high smoke point of 177°C/350°F, making it a versatile and healthy substitute for traditional cooking oils. Whether you’re baking, frying, or sautéing, our coconut oil adds a delicious and nutritious touch to your favorite dishes. Say goodbye to unhealthy, processed oils and embrace the natural benefits of our organic coconut oil.

But the benefits of our coconut oil go beyond the kitchen. It’s also an amazing addition to your beauty routine. Our organic coconut oil is rich and super nourishing, making it the perfect natural body oil and hair moisturizer. As a body oil, it hydrates your skin, leaving it soft, silky, and never greasy or sticky. You can also use it as a hair moisturizer to add shine, smoothness, and nourishment to your locks.

Did we mention our coconut oil is 100% organic and certified by the USDA? That means you can trust that you’re getting a high-quality product made from the best ingredients. And for those following a keto or paleo lifestyle, our coconut oil is certified by both diets, making it a must-have in your pantry.

Say goodbye to multiple products and welcome Viva Naturals Organic Coconut Oil – your go-to for cooking, skincare, and haircare. Experience the amazing benefits of this versatile and natural product and join the thousands of satisfied customers. Order now and see why our coconut oil is loved by so many!

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Viva Naturals Unrefined And Cold Pressed Organic Coconut Oil 54 Oz