Garden Of Life Cold Pressed Organic Coconut Oil


– It produces the highest quality, raw organic extra virgin coconut oil through a cold pressing process using only premium grade coconuts.

– The organic coconut oil is certified USDA, non-GMO, vegan and suitable for various diets as it is kosher, gluten free and dairy free.

– It contains beneficial medium chain fatty acids that provide energy and aid in weight loss.

– In addition to cooking, the coconut oil nourishes hair and skin with moisturizing and anti-aging properties when used as a deep conditioning treatment or skin care product.


Welcome to Garden of Life Extra Virgin Coconut Oil! Our raw, organic, extra virgin coconut oil is the perfect addition to any healthy lifestyle. We take pride in producing the best tasting, most aromatic coconut oil on the planet. Unlike other refined coconut oils, ours is not hydrogenated, bleached, refined, or deodorized. We use only the finest, organically grown coconuts, which are shredded and cold-pressed to create coconut milk. Through a process of filtering and separating, we extract only the highest-quality oil to bring you the purest form of coconut oil available.

Our organic coconut oil is USDA certified, non-GMO project verified, and certified vegan. It is also pareve MK kosher, gluten-free, and dairy-free, making it suitable for a variety of dietary needs. This pure coconut oil is an excellent source of healthy fat-burning medium chain fatty acids, including lauric acid, caprylic acid, and capric acid. These medium-chain fatty acids are readily converted to energy by the body, providing a natural source of fuel and helping with weight loss and management.

Not only is our Extra Virgin Coconut Oil great for cooking, baking, and adding to smoothies, but it also has incredible benefits for your hair and skin. Use it as a deep conditioning treatment for your hair to nourish and strengthen your locks. This coconut oil is also great for skin care, providing moisturizing and anti-aging benefits. With its natural, raw form, you can trust that our coconut oil is safe and effective for all your needs.

Join the many satisfied customers who have experienced the incredible benefits of Garden of Life Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Try it now and see the difference it can make in your health and wellness journey. We are confident that our product will become a staple in your home and in your daily routine. Trust in the power of nature and choose Garden of Life for all your coconut oil needs.

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Garden Of Life Cold Pressed Organic Coconut Oil