Viva Naturals Cold Pressed Organic Castor Oil With Beauty Kit


– Viva Naturals Organic Castor Oil is a pure, potent and chemical-free product made from high-quality organic castor seeds.

– Its moisturizing properties nourish hair from roots to tips, transforming dull and lifeless hair into shiny and vibrant locks.

– But its benefits don’t stop there – it also serves as a daily-use serum for eyebrows and lashes, promoting thicker and longer growth.

– Cold-pressed for maximum potency, it’s also a nourishing moisturizer for skin and nails, leaving you with soft and smooth hands, feet and cuticles.



Introducing Viva Naturals Organic Castor Oil – the secret to achieving luscious, healthy hair, fuller-looking eyelashes, and radiant skin. Our cold-pressed castor oil is made from the finest quality organic castor seeds, ensuring a pure and potent product that is free from harmful chemicals.

For centuries, castor oil has been revered in Ancient Egypt for its ability to support hair growth and luster. Today, we have harnessed this age-old beauty secret and created a product that will help bring your hair back to life. Our organic castor oil serves as a moisturizing treatment, nourishing your hair from the roots to the tips. Say goodbye to dull, lifeless hair and hello to shiny, vibrant locks.

But our castor oil isn’t just beneficial for your hair. It also makes a great daily-use serum for eyebrows and lashes. Rich in fatty acids, it has been traditionally used in folk medicine to promote thicker and longer lashes and brows. With our castor oil, achieving beautifully defined brows and fuller-looking lashes is now easier than ever.

Not just for hair and lashes, our castor oil also has amazing benefits for your skin and nails. Cold-pressed to ensure maximum potency, our castor oil is a nourishing and hydrating moisturizer for your skin. Say goodbye to dry, rough hands and feet, and hello to soft, smooth skin. It can also be applied around the nails to hydrate nail beds and cuticles, promoting healthy and strong nails.

And with each bottle of Viva Naturals Organic Castor Oil, you’ll receive a complete beauty kit. Our kit includes a mascara wand, 10mL mascara vial, brush stopper, brow brush, and liner brush – everything you need for your at-home beauty routine. This makes it the perfect product for anyone looking to enhance their natural beauty without any harsh chemicals.

Our castor oil is USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, and solvent and hexane-free. We take pride in providing a pure and natural product that is not tested on animals. With Viva Naturals Organic Castor Oil, you can trust that you are using only the highest quality product for your beauty needs. So why wait? Experience the amazing benefits of our organic castor oil and embrace your natural beauty today!

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Viva Naturals Cold Pressed Organic Castor Oil With Beauty Kit