Organic Castor Oil Pack Wrap For Liver Detox


– The Organic Castor Oil Pack Wrap comes with 8 reusable cotton wraps that are machine washable, making it long-lasting and convenient to use.

– It has an inner layer of soft flannel for comfort and absorbency to help skin better absorb castor oil, and an outer layer that is oil and waterproof to prevent leaks.

– The wrap promotes absorption of castor oil’s nutrients in the body, helping with liver detoxification, constipation relief, reducing inflammation and more.

– A zipper pocket allows storing hot/cold packs to use with the wrap as needed, offering versatility.



Introducing the Castor Oil Pack Wrap, the ultimate solution for your liver detox, constipation, and other health concerns. Our pack features 8 pieces of reusable organic cotton wraps that are not only skin-friendly, but also machine washable for your convenience. The pack is designed to be long-lasting, maximizing the benefits of castor oil for your body. Made from high-quality materials, the outer layer of the pack is oil and waterproof, preventing any leakage during use and maintaining its performance. The inner layer, on the other hand, is made from soft flannel, providing comfort and absorbency to help your skin better absorb the castor oil.

This makes our pack a skin-friendly choice for your detox needs. But the benefits of our Castor Oil Pack Wrap don’t stop there. Castor oil is known for its diverse range of nutrients that are highly beneficial for the body. Our pack is designed to promote the absorption of castor oil in your body, resulting in various health benefits. This includes promoting liver detoxification, stimulating intestinal peristalsis, relieving muscle and joint pain, reducing inflammation, improving insomnia, constipation, and blood circulation. Say goodbye to these concerns with our Castor Oil Pack Wrap.

We understand that every body is different, which is why our pack comes with an adjustable elastic strap. This allows you to adjust the size to your comfort, making it suitable for all body shapes and sizes. Don’t worry about the size, even if you are plus-sized, our pack will fit comfortably around your waist. The minimum waist circumference is 19 inches, and the maximum is 45 inches, making it a versatile and inclusive choice for all. We have also added a unique feature to our pack – a zipper storage pocket on the outer layer. This convenient design allows you to store hot packs or cold packs to use with the wrap as needed.

So not only is our pack suitable for liver detox and other health concerns, but it also offers versatility and convenience. Invest in your health with the Organic Castor Oil Pack Wrap. Our pack is the perfect choice for those looking for a natural approach to improve their overall well-being. Say goodbye to mess and discomfort and hello to a healthier you with our Castor Oil Pack Wrap. Try it now and experience the benefits for yourself.

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Organic Castor Oil Pack Wrap For Liver Detox