Serenity Kids 6 Months Organic Baby Food Pouches Carrot


– The Carrots Medley pouch contains a blend of organic orange, purple and yellow carrots, providing variety of nutrients and flavors. It’s also packed with healthy fats from olive oil.

– The purees are crafted to mimic breast milk nutrients, ensuring babies receive all necessary nutrients for development. Only ethically sourced meats, healthy fats and organic vegetables are used, with no artificial flavors or allergens.

– The organic baby food pouches are convenient and mess-free for on-the-go, with babies able to enjoy every last drop. A pack contains 6 pouches for always having a nutritious option ready.



Introducing Serenity Kids USDA Organic Veggie Puree Baby Food Pouches, the perfect way to nourish your little one’s growing body with pure, wholesome ingredients. Our Carrots Medley flavor contains a delicious blend of organic orange, purple, and yellow carrots, providing a variety of nutrients and flavors to expand your baby’s palate. But that’s not all – our purees are also packed with healthy fats from olive oil, ensuring that your baby gets the most nutrition per bite.

What sets Serenity Kids apart from other baby food brands is our commitment to providing a savory, veggie-first option for babies. We believe that it’s important for little ones to have a balanced diet, which is why our purees contain more protein and fats than sugar. This means that your baby will receive essential nutrients for their growing body, without being overloaded with sugary fruits or added sugars.

Our mindful approach to creating organic baby food doesn’t stop there. We have carefully crafted our purees to mimic the macronutrients found in breast milk, ensuring that your baby receives all the necessary nutrients for their development. We use ethically sourced meats, healthy fats, and organic vegetables in our purees, and we never add artificial flavors or allergens. You can trust that your baby is getting the best, most nutritious food possible with Serenity Kids.

Not only do our pouches provide essential nutrients for your little one, but they also make mealtime a breeze. Perfect for on-the-go, our pouches are convenient and mess-free. Simply twist off the cap, squeeze, and watch your baby enjoy every last drop. Plus, with 6 pouches in each pack, you’ll always have a nutritious option ready for your baby.

Give your baby the gift of wholesome, nourishing food with Serenity Kids USDA Organic Veggie Puree Baby Food Pouches. Our commitment to providing nutritious and delicious options for your little one will give you peace of mind and your baby a happy tummy. Try our Carrots Medley flavor today and watch your baby explore new flavors and textures with each bite.

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Serenity Kids 6 Months Organic Baby Food Pouches Carrot