Simply Organic Ground Sage Leaf 1.41 Ounce


– It organically sourced its sage leaf powder from sage plants native to the Mediterranean region, drying and grinding the leaves to create the powder.

– Known for its distinct aroma and flavor, the sage leaf powder can enhance a variety of dishes like stuffing, pork chops, stews, chicken and more.



Experience the sweet and earthy flavor of Simply Organic Ground Sage Leaf, the perfect addition to any spice collection. Our 1.41 ounce container of premium quality sage leaf powder is sourced from the mint family plant Salvia officinalis, native to the Mediterranean region. Grown and harvested in both Europe and North America, our sage leaves are carefully dried and ground to create a flavorful and versatile ingredient that will elevate any dish.

Known for its distinct aroma and flavor, sage leaves are a common ingredient in homemade stuffing and can enhance a variety of entrees and prepared meals. With hints of mint, our sage leaf powder pairs perfectly with other herbs and spices such as rosemary or garlic to add depth and complexity to your favorite dishes. From pork chops and stews to chicken and more, the possibilities are endless with Simply Organic Ground Sage Leaf.

We take pride in providing our customers with the highest quality and purest products, which is why our sage leaves are organically grown and harvested in Albania. Our rigorous standards mean that we know exactly where our ingredients are sourced from and that they are free from harmful toxins. You can trust that our sage leaf powder is certified organic and kosher, ensuring a pure and potent flavor in every batch.

At Simply Organic, we believe in supporting sustainable and ethical practices, which is why our products are never treated with ionizing radiation and are free from GMOs. Our commitment to providing pure and potent flavors from the source is evident in every product we offer. Elevate your cooking and add a touch of sweet and earthy flavor with Simply Organic Ground Sage Leaf.

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Simply Organic Ground Sage Leaf 1.41 Ounce