Will queen sheets fit a full bed?

Full and double beds are both 54 inches wide by 75 inches long. Bedding for this size bed may be referred to as full or double-size bedding. However, queen-size beds are larger, measuring 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. No other size is synonymous with queen, and only queen-size bedding will fit that mattress size appropriately.


The faces you see in your sleep are real.

The brain can’t create a made-up face for your dreams. Technically, each person you see in your dreams is someone you’ve already encountered in your waking life. How’s that for sleep facts?


Animals will adapt to climate change.

To survive, plants, animals and birds confronted with climate change have two options: move or adapt. There are several examples of species that have begun to adapt to climate change already. 

But increasingly, it’s a different story for many. Given the speed of climate change, it’s becoming impossible for many species to adapt quickly enough to keep up with their changing environment. And, as habitats are destroyed by roads, cities and dams, moving becomes increasingly difficult.  For those that can’t move or adapt, the future doesn’t look so positive.