Why does putting a pillow between your legs feel good?

By sleeping with a pillow between your legs, you are keeping your pelvis in a neutral position and preventing your spine from rotating. This realignment can take some of the stress off of the tissues in your back and potentially reduce any pain caused by sciatica or a herniated disc.


The brain’s storage capacity is unlimited as the brain consists of 86 billion neurons and these neurons form connections to others, rounding up to a total of 1,000 trillion.


The Sahara is the biggest desert on Earth.

Not all deserts are hot and full of sand. They need only be dry and inhospitable.

Antarctica fits the bill, since it receives only two inches of precipitation a year and has few land animals.

At 5.4 million square miles compared to the Sahara’s 3.6 million square miles, the Bottom of the World is a vastly larger desert.