Why do cats knead blankets?

Kneading is an instinctive trait in cats, who often knead on soft surfaces such as blankets, other cats, or your lap. It appears to be relaxing and soothing for many cats, who will purr contentedly, drift off into sleep or simply zone out and enjoy the motion.


The first photosynthetic life forms appeared 2.7 billion years ago.

Scientists think these life forms were single-cell bacteria in the early oceans. They used sunlight to help break down carbon dioxide into oxygen and to power other biochemical processes. Oxygen is a waste gas for photosynthetic life forms, and it’s released into the surroundings. At the time, free oxygen on the early Earth was rare, but as photosynthesis grew more common, free oxygen rose over time.


Plants can’t be in a bedroom because they release carbon dioxide at night time.

This is a common myth, the fear that if you have plants in your room at night that they will absorb all of the oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Okay, so yes, most plants respire carbon dioxide during the day, and do the reverse at nighttime, but you live in a house and not an enclosed rain forest.

Let’s just think about this, the Earth’s atmosphere holds in gasses, such as oxygen, and the Earth is covered in plants. At night, all of the fauna, including humans, continue to survive. Also, your house isn’t fully airtight, neither is your bedroom. So, your house, namely your bedroom, is a safe place to sleep at night if you have houseplants.