Which is better silk or satin pillowcases?

Silk is more luxurious and, as expected, costly. The quality of the silkworm fibers used to make this fabric determines its price; additionally, it takes much longer to rear these worms compared to other materials. It is said that the larvae feed on leaves for 40 days before they spin a cocoon around themselves during pupation.


Nobody knows how the Earth got its name; all we know is that it is derived from an amalgamation of both the Old English and Old Germanic words for “ground”.


Neanderthals were a less evolved human ancestor.

Neanderthals aren’t ancestors to modern humans. The two species lived at the same time, mostly in different areas of the globe. When the species did cross paths, there’s even evidence that they interbred. But evidence doesn’t suggest they were cognitively inferior to humans.

Fossils show Neanderthals made tools, used fire, cleaned their teeth, ate medicinal plants, buried their dead, and maybe even cared for their sick and wounded. Scientists no longer think Homo sapiens wiped out their Neanderthal cousins. Neanderthals likely were already dying out as the climate changed, while modern humans’ trade networks, diverse diets, and innovative tools helped them survive.