Where to buy bed sheets?

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People don’t sneeze in their sleep.

While asleep, humans are actually more prone to sneezing because the mucous membranes swell when lying down. However, the brain shuts down the neuroreceptors that stimulate our sneezing reflex. That way, only very strong stimuli can wake one to sneeze.


Vegetable chips are basically like eating vegetables.

Sure, we know potato chips are no good for you, but what about those healthy looking “vegetable chips” made from beets, zucchini, and more? They are also often packed with salt and saturated fat, making them far worse for you than actual healthy snacks like (unsalted) nuts and seeds. As an alternative, consider making your own veggie chips by just drizzling some olive oil on vegetable slices and baking them—it will cut down on all the nasty extras and be more delicious.