Where can I buy sheets for an adjustable bed?

To fit your adjustable bed! Our selection of adjustable bed sheets are designed to provide superior comfort, durability, and style. We offer a wide range of fabrics in different colors and textures, so you can find the perfect set for your personal needs. Plus, our adjustable bed sheets come with an easy-care finish that will help keep them looking great for years.


A daydream occurs while someone is awake.

The difference between daydreams and other types of dreams is that it happens while the person is awake. Daydreams occur when our minds wander and divert to other things – whether physical or mental.

Although people sometimes imagine how they see themselves in the past and in the future while they are awake, imagination and daydreaming are somehow the same. However, daydreaming is less controllable, while imagination is putting things, or working on things, while thinking.


The moon is very close to the Earth.

The moon sometimes looks so close you could reach up and up and grab it.

In reality, the moon orbits at a distance of about 239,000 miles from Earth. If you could somehow hop in a Boeing 747 and cruise to the moon at full speed, the journey would take about 17 days.