What’s the best pillow for neck pain?

A study found that latex and memory foam are the ideal pillow materials for neck pain because they offer neck support, leading to better sleep.


Did you know? A bond exists between the digestive system and your brain, known as the gut-brain axis. So any stress or brain disorders can affect the way your body digests food.


Dogs and cats are colorblind.

Dogs and cats have much better color vision than we thought.

Both dogs and cats can see in blue and green, and they also have more rods — the light-sensing cells in the eye — than humans do, so they can see better in low-light situations.

This myth probably comes about because each animal sees colors differently than humans.

Reds and pinks may appear more green to cats, while purple may look like another shade of blue. Dogs, meanwhile, have fewer cones — the color-sensing cells in the eye — so scientists estimated that their color vision is only about 1/7th as vibrant as ours.