What’s a tie blanket?

With no sewing required, a fleece blanket is simple to make by placing two layers of fleece fabric on top of each other and cutting strips around the sides. You can finish the edge of your blanket by tying those strips together in a balloon knot, similar to how you would tie a real balloon.


Vitamin B6 can help promote dream vividness.

Vitamin B6 or pyridoxine, like melatonin, is a helpful supplement for sleep induction. It can make you fall asleep faster, especially if you’re having a hard time falling asleep.

According to some researchers, it can also promote dream recall and vividness. You can remember your dreams better and clearer!


You shouldn’t exercise while pregnant.

Exercise is good for you and your baby. But you may need to make a few modifications. Aerobic and strength-training exercises are recommended as long as you don’t have any complications or health issues. 

Exercise helps you stay in shape. It can also help ease pain and prepare you for childbirth.

Check with your healthcare provider before you start a fitness program. Ask about how often, how much, and how hard you can exercise. Also, ask for tips on safe exercise during pregnancy.