What to do with old pillows?

So, you’ve got a new set of pillows– what do you do with the old ones?

You might be tempted to simply throw them away, but that sends them straight to the landfill where they’ll harm our environment.

Instead, there are many ways to repurpose, donate, or recycle your old pillows in an environmentally friendly way.


Working out regularly shrinks your fat cells. No matter how much weight we lose, the fat cells in our body won’t decrease, they simply shrink in size!


Daytime naps are a waste of time.

In many western societies, the concept of taking a nap is viewed in a very negative light. If you’re ‘caught napping’ at work your colleagues probably think you’re a lazy so and so, and you’d be better off drinking a strong cup of coffee to perk you up.

But napping needs to be given more respect, it can improve your performance in the workplace and may even save lives.