What temperature to wash bed sheets

To ensure that all sweat, dander, dust, and other nasties are killed and then removed from your bedding when you wash it, use a long wash cycle of at least 2 hours at 60 degrees. Washing bedding on a full cycle at 60 degrees is most effective in killing bacteria and removing sweat.


Not sleeping makes you hungry. 

You know you’re hungry when the stomach secretes a hormone called ghrelin that sends hunger signals to the brain. Sleep deprivation causes larger production of ghrelin, which increases the chances of midnight snacking. Changes in leptin levels also makes you more prone to binge eat.


You should stay in bed if you’re having a hard time falling asleep.

If you can’t sleep and you’ve tried tricks like counting sheep or counting backwards from one-hundred by 3’s, staying in bed is actually the worst thing you can do. This is because you may unintentionally connect your bed with frustration and sleep loss.

Instead, try getting out of bed and doing something relaxing in low light. The goal is to take your mind off sleep for a few minutes to help encourage quick and easy sleep onset when you return to bed.

A few things you can try include:

  • Meditation
  • Writing your thoughts in a journal
  • Walking slowly and quietly, so you don’t disturb anyone else’s sleep
  • Light stretching