What setting to wash bed sheets?

Wash your bed sheets in the hottest water that is safe for the fabric, and use either a special cycle just for sheets or whatever cycle is recommended in your washer’s guide. If there isn’t a specific cycle noted, then normally using a regular machine cycle will work fine for cotton, polyester, or linen sheets.


Our brains stay active when we sleep.

The ancient Greeks once believed that sleep is a completely passive process which shuts down the brain. However, some parts of the brain work harder when we’re asleep compared to our waking hours. 


The Earth is a perfect sphere.

The Earth rotates at about 1,040 mph. That’s about 60% the speed of your typical bullet after it shoots out of the muzzle.

This inertia slightly flattens the planet’s poles and causes a bulge of rock around the equator.

Due to global warming and the melting of glaciers (and less weight pushing down on the crust), scientists think that bulge is now growing.