What pillows are best for side sleepers?

Our experts unanimously decided that pillows on the medium-firm side are usually the best option for people who sleep on their side. Although there is some room for personal preference, a medium-firm pillow helps to keep your head in the correct position without sinking too much overnight.


 The human body is made of a trillion cells. And if there is a mutation in any of the cells, it can uncontrollably come together to form cancer. And when each cell is divided so many times with each one having almost 30,000 genes, there are chances that you might have fought cancer at one point.


 Mattresses need to be regularly flipped.

Mattresses used to have to be flipped occasionally to maintain their shape. But mattress technology has come a long way, and not all mattresses need flipping these days. Double-sided mattresses can be flipped, but many modern mattress designs only have one usable side.

Other varieties are designed not to sag for many years, regardless of which side you sleep on. Some models are intended to be used on one side throughout winter and the other throughout summer.

However, rotating the mattress is a good idea to help it wear more evenly because sleeping in the same spot every night can cause the bed to wear unevenly.

Misinformation can hamper your decision-making and negatively impact your bedding and mattress purchases. That’s why it’s necessary to separate fact from fiction.