What is quilting?

Quilting is the craft of stitching at least three layers of fabric together. People usually do this by hand with a needle and thread, but you can also use a sewing machine or specialized longarm quilting system.


We always see the same side of the Moon, no matter where we stand on Earth.

This is because the Moon rotates on its axis at the same rate that it rotates the Earth. It’s known as synchronous rotation or tidal locking.


Humans evolved from chimpanzees.

Chimps and humans share uncanny similarities, not the least of which is our DNA — about 98.8% is identical.

However, evolution works as incremental genetic changes add up through many generations. Chimps and humans did share a common ancestor between 6 and 8 million years ago but a lot has changed since then.

Modern chimps evolved into a separate (though close) branch of the ape family tree.