What is a duvet insert?

A duvet insert is a type of bedding that is meant to be draped over your bed, similar to a comforter. However, where most duvet inserts are filled with synthetic materials such as polyester, savvy rest duvet inserts use wool for filling and organic cotton for the cover.


Research shows that having a newborn baby impacts men’s sleep more than women’s.

The study followed a number of couples in the first few months of their child’s life to see how the parents’ sleep was impacted.

As many previous studies only looked at the impact on mothers, this study also focused on fathers.

Participants wore wrist trackers to see how they slept throughout the night. Though women woke more frequently in the night, men overall had less sleep.

Babies however are getting plenty of sleep, which is where the expression ‘sleep like a baby comes from’, unfortunately not always during the night.


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