What is a down alternative pillow?

Down alternative pillows are created with polyester or cotton fibers that aim to possess the qualities of down, such as a soft and fluffy feel. They are usually cheaper than pillows made entirely of down.


 Ever wondered what the size of the brain is? If you smoothened out all the wrinkles, your brain would look flat like a pillowcase.


A heavy duvet or comforter is warmer than a light one.

The warmth of a comforter or duvet depends on its fill power and the quality of fill, not on its weight. Moreover, a heavy comforter or duvet can make you feel suffocated instead of cozy.

Fill power is the measure of the quality of down. It is determined by calculating how many cubic inches of loft one ounce of that down fill produces. If the fill power is higher, it means greater insulating ability; lower fill power means the fill is not insulating enough. Go forĀ organic duvetsĀ and comforters with goose and duck down or alpaca wool as they provide thermal regulation to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.