What is a boppy pillow used for?

The boppy pillow is a safe place for your baby to stay while supervised and awake. The slight elevation provided by the pillow lets your baby see the world from a new perspective, rather than lying flat on their back.


 Did you know? You will not be able to breathe and swallow at the same time.


A higher thread count means a better bedsheet.

Although thread count is an important factor to consider when buying sheets, it shouldn’t be the only criteria. Generally, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet and longer the life.

Good sheets range anywhere from 200 to 800 in terms of thread count. But high thread counts don’t necessarily mean the sheet is better and don’t improve the quality of the fabric.

The key to comfortable sheets is the quality of the fibre. Even lower thread counts with higher-quality fibre produce long-lasting and soft sheets, including organic cotton sheets. Go for cotton sheets made from long or extra-long staple cotton fibres.