What is a bamboo pillow?

Bamboo pillows are often filled with memory foam or bamboo fibers, and the outer cover is made of woven bamboo grass fabric. This combination results in a pillow that is plush yet firm, supportive but soft to the touch, and durable.


Humans can glow in the dark, however, they are too weak for the human eye to detect.


All cotton sheets feel the same.

Not all cotton sheets are the same. Indeed, you should consider the type of cotton and its weave when selecting cotton sheets.

Cotton comes in many varieties. These include:

  • Egyptian (fine quality cotton that produces strong and soft fabric)
  • regular (made from cotton grown using fertilizers and pesticides)
  • organic (made from cotton grown from natural seeds, without pesticides)
  • pima (highest quality of cotton).

The type of weave also makes a difference in the final product. These include:

1) Percale: This closely-woven plain-weave has a thread count of 200 or more. It is tighter than other standard weave types and produces medium-weight sheets that are firm and smooth with no gloss.

2) Oxford: This weave creates a subtle basket effect by using different yarns in various weights and thicknesses, thus producing a soft and heavy sheet.

3) Sateen: This weave has weft threads tightly packed together to produce a sheet with a silky feel and high luster.