10 Thanksgiving Team Building Activities to Add Fun to Your Celebrations

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate gratitude, togetherness, and the joy of the holiday season. Why not make your 2023 Thanksgiving celebrations even more memorable by incorporating team-building activities that boost morale, encourage collaboration, and create lasting memories? In this blog post, we’ll explore ten Thanksgiving team-building activities that will add fun, creativity, and a sense of unity to your holiday festivities.

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Thanksgiving Team Building Activities – Key Takeaways

  • Celebrate Thanksgiving with team-building activities like potluck parties, recipe roulette, and interactive games.
  • Express gratitude through virtual activities such as online escape rooms and virtual boards.
  • Promote collaboration with office decoration competitions & group volunteer events to make a positive impact in the community!

Thanksgiving Potluck Party with a Twist

Thanksgiving Team Building Activities

Imagine a Thanksgiving potluck where team members not only share their favorite dishes but also participate in creative and engaging activities to foster team bonding and celebrate diverse cultural backgrounds. Adding a twist to the traditional potluck allows you to blend holiday traditions with team-building activities, culminating in a unique and memorable experience for everyone involved.

From recipe roulette and international flavors to cooking contests, there are countless ways to spice up your Thanksgiving potluck and encourage employee engagement. These activities can strengthen team relationships, show appreciation for one another, and create a display of gratitude that will resonate throughout the holiday season.

Recipe Roulette

Recipe Roulette is an exciting way to add a touch of adventure to your Thanksgiving potluck. Team members draw a random recipe to prepare and bring to the event, promoting culinary exploration and teamwork.

This activity not only introduces your team to new dishes but also encourages collaboration and creativity in the kitchen. Incorporating Recipe Roulette into your potluck enhances the Thanksgiving team-building experience, making it even more enjoyable and memorable.

International Flavors

Encourage team members to bring their favorite Thanksgiving dish from their cultural backgrounds to create a diverse and delicious Thanksgiving feast. This activity fosters cultural appreciation and diversity within your team, as members share their unique culinary traditions and stories.

Celebrating Thanksgiving with international flavors is a fantastic opportunity to learn about different cultures, broaden your team’s culinary horizons, and bond over the shared love of food.

Cooking Contest

Thanksgiving Team Building Activities

Host a friendly cooking competition during the potluck, with categories such as best appetizer, main course, and dessert, to encourage friendly rivalry and teamwork. The contest can bring out the best in each team member’s cooking skills and provide a platform to showcase their culinary talents.

With some healthy competition and Thanksgiving spirit, your team will not only bond but also create unforgettable memories around the dinner table.

Interactive Thanksgiving Games

Thanksgiving Team Building Activities

Interactive Thanksgiving fun games are a fantastic way to engage team members, improve communication, and create lasting memories. Incorporating games like Turkey Trivia Challenge, Pumpkin Pass Relay, and Gratitude Pictionary into your Thanksgiving celebrations fosters a festive atmosphere and promotes team unity.

These games can be easily adapted for both in-person and virtual team celebrations, ensuring that everyone has a chance to participate and enjoy the fun. Combining team-building activities with the holiday spirit results in a Thanksgiving event that will be remembered and cherished for years to come.

Turkey Trivia Challenge

Put your team’s knowledge to the test with a Thanksgiving-themed Turkey Trivia Challenge. This game can include questions about turkey facts, Thanksgiving traditions, or general knowledge related to the holiday. Not only does it encourage quick thinking and teamwork, but it also adds an element of friendly competition to your Thanksgiving celebrations.

Each correct answer provides an opportunity for your team members to learn something new and bond over their shared love of Thanksgiving fun.

Pumpkin Pass Relay

The Pumpkin Pass Relay is a fun, physical team-building activity that can be enjoyed by all ages. In this game, team members must pass a pumpkin between them without using their hands, racing against other teams to complete the relay first.

This activity promotes team communication, coordination, and a healthy dose of Thanksgiving spirit. Whether you’re racing across the office or in your backyard, the Pumpkin Pass Relay is sure to bring laughter and excitement to your celebrations.

Gratitude Pictionary

Add a twist to the classic game of Pictionary by focusing on gratitude and Thanksgiving themes. In Gratitude Pictionary, each player takes turns drawing something they are grateful for, and the other players must guess what it is.

This game encourages positivity, team bonding, and provides an opportunity for team members to share their gratitude with one another. Incorporating Gratitude Pictionary into your Thanksgiving celebrations creates an atmosphere of appreciation and joy among your team.

Virtual Thanksgiving Activities for Remote Teams

Thanksgiving Team Building Activities

For remote teams, celebrating Thanksgiving can be a challenge. However, with a little creativity, you can still maintain team unity and enjoy the holiday together. Virtual Thanksgiving activities such as online escape rooms, recipe swaps, and virtual gratitude boards can help distributed teams bond and celebrate the holiday in a meaningful way.

These virtual team-building activities ensure that everyone can participate and enjoy the festive spirit, regardless of their location. Incorporating the best virtual Thanksgiving ideas into your celebrations fosters a sense of togetherness and makes the holiday special for your entire team.

Online Thanksgiving Escape Room

An Online Thanksgiving Escape Room is a fun and engaging virtual team-building activity that challenges team members to:

  • Solve puzzles
  • Find clues
  • Work together
  • Communicate effectively
  • Use problem-solving skills

This Thanksgiving team building activity is an excellent choice for remote teams looking to bond and celebrate the holiday with a thoughtful Thanksgiving gift during their Thanksgiving team building event.

With a variety of Thanksgiving-themed scenarios to choose from, your team will be immersed in the excitement and challenge of the escape room experience.

Remote Recipe Swap

Organize a Remote Recipe Swap to promote team engagement and celebrate cultural diversity within your team. Team members can share their favorite Thanksgiving recipes in a virtual setting, and then try out their colleagues’ dishes at home.

This activity not only encourages creativity and collaboration but also allows team members to explore new cuisines and traditions. A Remote Recipe Swap is a delicious and festive way to bond and celebrate Thanksgiving with your virtual team.

Virtual Gratitude Board

Create a Virtual Gratitude Wall where team members can share messages of gratitude and appreciation in a digital space. This activity promotes positivity and team unity by providing a platform for team members to express their gratitude for one another.

Setting up a shared online space, such as a Google Doc or a Slack channel, enables team members to easily contribute to the Virtual Gratitude Board and spread appreciation and joy throughout the team.

Creative Office Decoration Competitions

Thanksgiving Team Building Activities

Creative office decoration competitions are an excellent way to add festivity to the workplace and encourage team bonding. Organizing contests like door decorating contests and desk decoration challenges inspires your team’s creativity and promotes a cheerful atmosphere in the office.

By embracing friendly competition and the holiday spirit, your team will not only bond but also create a festive and lively workplace atmosphere. These competitions can be adapted to suit any office environment and can be easily incorporated into your Thanksgiving team-building activities, including holiday parties.

Door Decorating Contest

In a Door Decorating Contest, teams compete to create the most festive and creative Thanksgiving-themed door decorations. This activity promotes teamwork and creativity, as team members collaborate to design and implement their door decoration masterpieces.

With a set theme, deadline, and judging criteria, the Door Decorating Contest can bring out the best in your team’s artistic talents and foster a sense of unity and pride in their creations.

Desk Decoration Challenge

Encourage team members to decorate their workspaces with Thanksgiving flair by hosting a Desk Decoration Challenge. This activity fosters a festive atmosphere and team unity, as team members showcase their creativity and holiday spirit through their workspace decorations.

By setting a deadline and providing guidelines for the challenge, you can ensure that the Desk Decoration Challenge remains a fun and engaging team-building activity that adds a touch of Thanksgiving festivity to your office.

Volunteering and Giving Back as a Team

Volunteering and giving back as a team is an excellent way to promote social responsibility, team bonding, and gratitude during the Thanksgiving season. Organizing group volunteer events and donation drives fosters a sense of unity and purpose within your team, while also making a meaningful impact on your community.

These activities can be tailored to suit your team’s interests and abilities, ensuring that every team member can participate and contribute in a meaningful way. By engaging in volunteering and giving back as a team, you can create lasting memories and strengthen the bonds between team members.

Group Volunteer Events

Thanksgiving Team Building Activities

Organize team volunteer activities at local shelters, food banks, or other community organizations to give back and bond as a team. These events provide an opportunity for team members to work together for a common cause, fostering team unity and collaboration.

Additionally, group volunteer events can help raise awareness about local nonprofits and their missions, making a positive impact on your community.

Donation Drives

Host donation drives within your team to collect items for local nonprofits, fostering teamwork and social responsibility. By deciding on a list of items and setting a deadline for collection, you can encourage team members to contribute to a meaningful cause.

Donation drives not only strengthen team unity but also raise awareness about local nonprofits and their causes, creating a positive impact on your community.

Team-Building Workshops with a Thanksgiving Touch

Team-building workshops with a Thanksgiving touch can provide unique opportunities for team unity, creativity, and gratitude. Incorporating activities such as gratitude journaling and Thanksgiving-themed art classes into your celebrations promotes a sense of togetherness and appreciation among your team members. These workshops can be adapted for both in-person and virtual settings, ensuring that everyone can participate and enjoy the experience.

Whether you’re looking to foster gratitude, encourage artistic expression, or simply bring your team together for a memorable Thanksgiving event, these workshops offer a variety of engaging and meaningful experiences for your team to enjoy.

Gratitude Journaling Workshop

A Gratitude Journaling Workshop is a guided session that helps team members practice gratitude through journaling, promoting positivity and team bonding. By participating in this workshop, team members can explore the benefits of gratitude journaling, engage in creative writing exercises, and learn techniques to cultivate gratitude in their daily lives.

The Gratitude Journaling Workshop provides a supportive and inspiring environment for team members to express their appreciation for one another and foster a positive work atmosphere.

Thanksgiving-Themed Art Class

Thanksgiving Team Building Activities

A Thanksgiving-themed art class is a creative team-building activity where team members create Thanksgiving-inspired art, fostering teamwork and artistic expression. This class can involve various art forms such as painting, drawing, and crafting, with each project inspired by the themes and traditions of Thanksgiving.

By participating in a Thanksgiving-themed art class, team members can express their creativity and appreciation for the holiday while bonding over their shared artistic endeavors.


In conclusion, incorporating Thanksgiving team-building activities into your celebrations can foster team unity, boost morale, and create lasting memories. From potluck parties with a twist to interactive games and virtual activities for remote teams, there is no shortage of ways to celebrate Thanksgiving and promote team bonding. By embracing these activities, you can create a memorable and enjoyable Thanksgiving experience that will be cherished by your team for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make Thanksgiving fun at work?

Make Thanksgiving at work a blast with virtual trivia, a ‘Thanksgiving wall’, pies, appreciation messages, volunteering, giving back as a group, friendly competitions, and sharing skills!

What am I game for Thanksgiving?

Let’s get ready to play the Thanksgiving game! It’s all about asking and answering questions until we can guess our assigned item. Let’s have some fun and try it out!

Being thankful games?

Playing games that cultivate gratitude is a wonderful way to connect with family and friends during Thanksgiving. From “Gratitude Pictionary” to “Gratitude Guess Who” there are plenty of creative options to bring joy to the holiday season!

What are some team-building activities that can be incorporated into Thanksgiving celebrations?

Gather with family or friends this Thanksgiving and engage in some fun team-building activities like Recipe Roulette, Gratitude Pictionary, Virtual Thanksgiving Escape Rooms, and hosting donation drives.

Can virtual Thanksgiving activities be just as engaging and meaningful as in-person activities?

Virtual Thanksgiving activities can be just as engaging and meaningful as in-person activities, providing meaningful experiences and promoting team unity for remote teams.