Wool pillows



If you want an eco-friendly and sweat-free sleep, wool is the better filling for your pillow over synthetic fillings made from polyester. Polyester is produced through a process involving coal, petroleum, air and water chemicals but wool is not. As natural fibers absorb moisture, you’re less likely to have a sweaty head while sleeping on a wool pillow than you would if you were using one filled with polyester or other synthetics. Wool is also the best choice for children and toddlers who can’t regulate their own body temperature well. Wool’s ability to regulate humidity also means that it’s a really good option if you live in hotter, tropical countries too.

Not only is a wool pillow great at repelling dust mites, it’s also fantastic for absorbing moisture. Since a sheep’s fleece works to protect and maintain the animal’s body temperature, wool bedding can do the same for humans. This means that you’ll be kept warm in winter and cool in summer. Unlike down and feather pillows, which are often lighter and not as firm, a wool pillow will stay in place during the night. They’re also supportive but flatter, making them ideal for front sleepers or toddlers who primarily sleep on their stomachs or sides. If you need more support while sleeping on your back or side, try doubling up your pillows.

Besides being natural fire retardant, wool throws off no harmful chemicals when burned. It’s an extremely strong and resilient fiber, so your pillow will keep its form and support your head/neck for many years. In other words, when you buy a wool pillow, you’re getting comfort plus quality. Using a wool pillow comes with many benefits, one of which is that it will last you for an incredibly long time. All you have to do is put it out in the sun every few months to cleanse it. Then, use a 100% cotton or linen pillow protector and similar fabric for your pillowcase, and you’re all set.

According to recent studies, sleeping on wool provides you with a deeper and more restful sleep than pillows filled with hollow fibers, feathers or down. In fact, you can expect to enjoy 25% better sleep. To wash your wool pillow, fill a basin with cool water and a small amount of natural wool wash detergent. Massage the pillow underwater to saturate the wool filling completely. Once it is saturated, empty out the water, rinse the pillow and let it air dry. A wool pillow will keep you comfortable and supported throughout the night so that you can wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested. Choose a wool pillow for a natural and sweat-free sleep solution.