Pillows made in the USA



Considering how much time your face spends on a pillow, you should really invest in an American-made pillow. Unlike mattresses that often go through several people before they are sold, pillows are generally only used by one person at a time; making it even more important to buy something made with quality materials under safe conditions. There are many reasons to love American-made pillows, such as the confidence in their quality materials and manufacturing conditions. No matter how you sleep, a good pillow can be the key to waking up feeling refreshed. Different pillow types are better suited for different sleeping positions. For example, side sleeper should look for softer pillows with more loft to prevent neck strain.

Stomach sleepers need medium to firm pillows with less loft so their necks aren’t pushed too far forward while they sleep. Back Sleepers should find a balance between firm and soft support that keeps their necks at a comfortable angle throughout the night. There are plenty types of pillows made in the USA to fit your bedding needs, such as down pillows. Down pillows are usually made from soft feathers close to the skin of a goose or duck. Sometimes these pillows can be blended with other feathers, so it’s important to check the down-to-feather ratio before purchasing one. It is also crucial that you find an ethically sourced down pillow. Since the filling comes from animals, there is a potential for abuse in its procurement.

To ensure that your purchase does not contribute to animal cruelty, look for certification by the Responsible Down Standard on any USA-made down pillow you’re considering. If you’re looking for a supportive pillow that won’t lose its shape, consider a feather option. These pillows are typically filled with feathers and down, providing excellent support without losing their fluffiness. Just keep in mind that if you’re allergic to down, make sure to check the makeup of the pillow before purchasing. According to recent trends, synthetic materials like memory foam are slowly taking over the market share from cotton pillows. Even so, cotton remains a classic pillow material with several benefits, especially for people allergic to synthetics. Moreover, it’s easy wash a cotton pillow regularly since they require little maintenance.

There are also latex pillows, which are gaining popularity because they provide a high level of support for your head and neck while still being soft and cozy. Latex pillows are sold in both solid and shredded material, but be sure to watch out for latex-blend pillows, which are commonly blended with polyurethane foam that can potentially be toxic. Lastly, bamboo pillows. They have been on the rise in popularity for a while due to their amazing properties, such as being antimicrobial and efficient at moisture absorbency. Most bamboo pillows are made of shredded foam interiors with a bamboo viscose shell surrounding it- giving you the best of both worlds between a memory foam pillow and one that has cooling abilities.

You can sleep soundly knowing that they were made in a country with strict safety and quality regulations. Furthermore, you’ll be supporting the American economy by purchasing an American-made pillow. American-made pillows simply feel better—they’re softer, more comfortable, and of an overall higher quality. So, if you’re in the market for a new pillow, be sure to check out some of the great American-made options available. You won’t be disappointed!