Is a pillow considered a carry on?

The size of your pillow will determine whether or not it counts as a personal item or carry-on. If the pillow is small enough to fit under the seat in front of you, then it’s considered a personal item. If the pillow is larger and does not fit into your bag, then it’ll be counted as a carry-on.


When a human blushes, they feel it in the lining of the stomach too as it also turns red.


You absolutely need a box spring.

Many people think that it’s absolutely necessary to have a box spring for your mattress. But given that box springs were first designed for the thinner mattresses of the past, the typical mattress nowadays has all the support you need. In fact, the only purpose of a box spring is to raise the profile of your mattress. So if you’re not really worried about mattress height, then a box spring isn’t really necessary.

Instead of a box spring, make sure you’re placing your mattress on a firm, supportive sleep surface. While requirements may different from one mattress to another, most beds can be used with platforms, foundations, adjustable bases, or slatted frames. Just make sure the slats don’t sit too far apart as this can cause your mattress to dip.